Sunday, 12 February 2006

Mars, Babylon, the BBC and Nessie…

It’s been a while since I’ve updated stuff about TV programmes recently, so let’s take stock. What have I bothered to make an effort to watch? The same few programmes it seems…

You see, my sister’s got first dibs on the TV. She normally has a 9pm programme to watch, so we have the rest of the day to play with the TV. Unfortunately, 9pm is when all the decent programmes are on these days. I really do not understand why people actually cough up the £126.50 a year ~ yes, you read that right, one hundred and twenty-six pounds sterling and fifty pence ~ to watch the two programmes a week they want. Let’s see, if that’s two hours of TV a week, over a year that makes one hundred and four hours of TV. And you pay £126.50 for that. Hmm. I’d just like to point out that people are paying this charge just so they can carry on receiving Freeview (“free” TV, with adverts on 90% of channels), Sky digital TV, or in fact any TV of any kind. Annoying, really. When you compare this to HK’s TV, where you get four terrestrial channels FOR FREE (yes, they have adverts, but so do 90% of the UK channels) all year round, it makes me wonder why people carry on paying this. And do you know the reason I came up with? It’s very simple ~ bearing in mind we’re talking about English people here. It’s that it’s always been done this way, so because the BBC is run by a bunch of biscuit-ersed numpties who have absolutely no idea that things can evolve, it shall continue to be done this way…
There was one instance of someone in Scotland not paying up and being sued for non-payment, but he went to court and won (although the BBC settled out of court to prevent a precedent being set), and didn’t pay his license fee again..

Anyway, which two programmes have I bothered to get on with? The same two as before: Life on Mars, and Hotel Babylon. Life on Mars has been pretty good, but it’s starting to become too familiar, and it seems they’re dragging out the inevitable. It has been fun though, I’ll not deny that. It’s pretty obvious now what’s going on and he’s obviously not in 1973 at all, but in a coma. Next Monday (2003/02/13) apparently, his family decide to turn off his life-support machine, so he has to do something to keep his real self alive in 2006 while trying to save a hostage in 1973. It should be good.

Hotel Babylon, on the other hand, has proved that if you keep shifting focus, you find something new in things that otherwise seem very familiar… Two weeks on the run now, Gino the Italian bar manager has provided the most laughs and genuine good-natured banter and sense of fun. And although I’m coming to tolerate Rebecca’s ongoing saga of her marriage, and am actually softening my abject hatred toward Anna the new head receptionist, there’s still only one reason I watch it ~ Charlie the deputy manager. (insert big grin here)

Just this week he had about three major crises at once, but sorted them out, and “the old romantic” gave his bird a Kit Kat and everything was alright again. He proved, like most men, he assumed women wanted expensive gifts and fancy restaurant dinners, when in fact all we want is attention and him to be there sometimes. She put him straight though (arf arf). I shouldn’t have been surprised, the girl’s actually really likeable, even though she’s delaying the inevitable moment when Charlie realizes he’s wasting his time and in fact the girl he should be after is living with her family down south, waiting for buy a return ticket for Hong Kong. Seriously, I would not kick him out of bed.

Most Haunted has been providing a lot of fun and laughs just recently too ~ you’ve seen the show, I’m sure. Some annoying bird and her psychic sidekick go to “haunted” places and try to find the ghosts at night. It’s always fun to see them racing around pitch tunnels, hearing strange voices or noises, having bits of rubble thrown at them, people being pushed and slapped, and all the other stuff that ghosts apparently inflict on people, having grown bored of being, well, dead and stuck in some old stuffy castle or suchlike. Some say the show is entirely fake, some say it’s entirely real, but I think its just fab TV, cos everyone tunes in just in case something amazing happens.

Talking about waiting for amazing things to happen, or at least see it happen, is the Loch Ness Monster. S/he now has her/his own blog too! You can watch a live webcam of the loch (which IS NOT A LAKE), just in case you see Nessie the monster swimming in the dark water. Take a look HERE to see if you can find Nessie!


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