Tuesday, 21 February 2006

Denying that 1973 ever existed

I think 1973 is like Number 6 ~ there is no 1973. No-one in my family remembers it. I was born in 1977, my older sister just before me. During the time that '73 allegedly existed, my parents were living in Toronto, so they don't remember how Manchester was supposed to have looked like a Life On Mars set. Will I go to prison for pooh-poohing '73? I hope not. I read about that David Irving bloke going to prison in Austria for denying that the Holocaust (so factually real that it demands a capital letter) existed, so perhaps it would be wise for me to keep my aspersions about 1973 to myself for now…

Don't get me wrong ~ I think he's a bastard and deserves a stoning for saying that the millions of PoWs died but not cos of religious persecution, but rather due to disease or "alternative reasons". I'm not saying he should be let off at all. But I'm just not sure what good will come of locking him up for 3 years ~ of which he's probably only going to serve 1 or 2 anyway. What good comes of caging up some fucker who spends his time reading his own books and re-affirming his own convictions? He's an offending arse of major proportions and deserves a good kicking ~ but not kept at the equivalent of Her Majesty's pleasure, Austrian style. Couldn't they fine him squillions of euros and make him donate it to a fund for Holocaust survivors or descendents etc.? But supposing he's on to something and the Holocaust didn't exist (which I am not prepared to believe for a moment), then what where they all doing in Manchester recently?

On the subject of telling people what they can and can't try to prove in public, I noted with delight this article on the impact of the Internet in China recently. Fantastic ~ long may the meddling teenagers in the mainland find alternative search engines that allow them to see this kind of article. Guess it just goes to show that you can't censor all of the search engines all of the time…

Getting back to how '73 didn't really exist, I would actually be upset to learn that, in this year, no-one like DCI Gene Hunt was coming out with highly offensive, politically incorrect one-liners and threats. I do enjoy watching Life On Mars, but now I'm split between thinking it's "will Sam get home?" or "will Gene Hunt [the Gene-genie] make us gasp at his audacious sayings this week?". I'm beginning to think it's the latter. I've mentioned him before, I know, but he deserves a whole post (one day). Apparently not only are the Beeb releasing season 1 of Life On Mars on DVD later this year, but they're already putting the finishing touches to season 2 and are apparently shooting in April '06. Hmm. Part of me shudders to think what they're going to do with the end of season 1, part of me hopes with all my strength that Gene Hunt will be back in all his vitriolic glory.

Anyway, something amusing to finish on: Lionel Richtea and his biscuit friends!

Oh, and today's pic? 'Trip' from Star Trek. I promise next time it'll be someone ele.


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