Monday, 13 February 2006

Is it Monday again already?

O my dog, look at the day, will you? It’s Monday again already, and I’ve nothing to show for last week’s work. Well, technically I didn’t actually do any work last week because this country is still finding me of the unemployable type. I’m either too experienced (and therefore too expensive) or my customer service skills are to be feared rather than used. It seems this country’s level of customer service has really hit rock-bottom since I’ve been away.

Actually, I do have a rather large headache to show for all my hard work over the weekend; I made myself get down to the awesome task of sinking what seemed like a bottle of vodka ~ after the JD and coke was all gone, that is. And we all had a great time, so it doesn’t matter how much any of us drank, or which country is big enough to compare my headache too.

Let’s see, what else? O, my l’il sister is off to the Dominican Republic for two weeks come tomorrow (lucky wench!). I can laugh though, cos she burns really easily in the sun, so by the time she gets back her boyfriend will be brown as a coconut and she’ll be red as a beetroot. (insert malicious grin here)

O o o ~ you have to see this toon, from Weeble’s Stuff site ~ these people make the fabbest of the fab toons about all kinds of funky stuff. Right now I’m re-watching and laffing me arse off to the new “Ultimate Showdown” toon. Watch it HERE!

And as it’s now 5.15am, I think I’ll sink slowly into the west...

…otherwise known as “my bed”. Good night, good morning, good afternoon, and I’ll see you all again very, very soon.

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