Saturday, 15 July 2006

Fan-fic... It's not fer girls!

Bloody 'ell. Talk about back-breaking work. I'm never writing a fan-fic again. Probably. Unless someone wants to pay me shitloadsa money, o' course.

Here it is then ~ don't say I never give you owt.

"Sharpe's Pits"

Guilty pleasures, eh.

Hmm... pic of't day then?

"You've finished the boxed set o' DVDs then? Ah well, it were good while it lasted..."

Peach and lube.



Anonymous said...

kookoo kachu souxie-soo!
點解您冇寫o左一個中文 Sharpe 故仔? 我好想睇, 因為我都好中意 Sharpe 的物話, 不過我英文唔夠好...
我好中意呢張相片... 每次您 post 噉樣, 我覺得佢真係好 sexy 的主覺啊!!!!!!
但係我要問您: "rough" 有咩意思呀? 我o係您的 blog 睇o左好多次, 不過我字典令我好 confused 啊....



Soupdragon said...

LOL ~ long time no see!

我好 surprised 您仲睇我的英文 blog ~ 您冇其他o野做咩? LOL

"rough" 好難解釋... 就係... 好邋遢, 好粗野的性格, 不過仲好吸引, 因為唔係太完美, 您明唔明呀?

Sir Sean of Bean 真係好 "rough" 啞嗎! 由於好多英格蘭的女仔好愛佢啊!

* big grin *

Anonymous said...

老老實實講啦, "sir sean of bean" 有咩意思啊? 究竟佢係唔係一個 english knighthood 的人呀? 嘩... 好勁!


Soupdragon said...

哎也 ~ 絕對冇 knighthood 的關係, 只係我講笑啊!!

其實好耐之前, 有一個英國流行音樂的雜誌叫做 Smash Hits. 佢地係第一組人用呢個名的笑話. 例於話呢, 佢地會叫佢地最中意的音樂手噉樣 ~ George Michael 會 "Sir George of Michael", 不過 Michael Jackson 會 "Wacko Jacko" ('wacko' 就係痴線的!). 因為好多人好中意呢個雜誌, 同埋呢個笑話, 所以好多英格蘭人認識唔係真的 knighthood, 只有我地好中意佢的意思.

嘩... 幾服雜, 係唔係?



oh eck. I have enough trouble with English.....

Soupdragon said...

Sorry, just banging on about why I referred to him as "SIR Sean of Bean", LOL
And Smash Hits, :)

* (asterisk) said...

Ah, Smash Hits. My dad came visiting this weekend, and with him brought a bunch of my old books and stuff. What was there but the 1985 Smash Hits Yearbook!

Soupdragon said...

Ahh... so many fond memories of Smash Hits... Sir Reg "Reg" Snipton, the letters page, and well... they taught me everything I know about how to write articles, LOL

Was right sad to hear they folded after like 300 years in the business. Ah well. All good things, right?

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