Thursday, 5 October 2006

Aye, not so bad

A little space, a little time
See what it can do.
A little faith, peace of mind
See what passes through
The sun will shine on you again
A bell will ring inside your head
And all will be brand new…

~ ~ ~



Try supportin' Oldham n the Accy's. Yer get immune from depression. Mind you the Accy's are back at long last! It's me grandads fault. Old Trafford? Maine Road? Anfield? Goodison? No. He had to take me to bloody Boundary Park as a kid. By the time I'd sussed it it were too late. Oldham Athletic were mine. Sob.

Soupdragon said...


Cheer up, mate, could have been worse ~ could have been City!

And at least Latics aren't selling club to foreigners. Do you still have that nice Italian playing up front?



weenie said...

I saw kids recently wearing white football shirts with a black diagonal stripe - had no idea that was FC United's away strip, thought it was some made up school kit... :O

Mate from work recently witnessed your team's first defeat - no sweat though, there's still no doubt of promotion into the Unibond League - only 9 more steps to the Premier League!

Have to admit I'm a closet City fan...they're my second team, but we all have to hide in the closet cos it's kinda shameful, innit?

Soupdragon said...

City? .... hiss!

Nah, just joking. I might actually get over to Blighty next year if all me plans work out, an then I'll be at every FCUM match ~ wi a bit o luck...



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