Sunday, 26 November 2006

43rd Taiwan Film Awards

Ah-haaaaaa~ Gotcha, yer bastards! Aaron Kwok won Best Actor at the Taiwan Film Awards last night, to the applause of the halls (including a certain number of groupies of my acquaintance. I would have loved to have gone, but could you see me boss giving me the day off to nip over to Taiwan?).

Fert full list of winners, go HERE.

I’m right pressed fer time, so I won’t go into the other winners, not even the other winners fer the film he were in, but I’m pleased everyone got shiny golden horses!

Anyway, he were at the APM in Kwun Tong today, but fer a lot of very long, complicated reasons, I’m not there, I’m going to Lamma. I could explain, but “I think the theological reasoning behind it would bore you”, to quote Father Curtis…

Anyway, if you haven’t heard his latest CD “My Nation”, then give it a bash (skip to track 4 first, it’s fab). So this just means we’re all waiting to watch the film he actually won for int first place – “After This, Our Exile” (“Father and Son” in Chinese). Apparently it opens here November 30th. And not before time.

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* (asterisk) said...

Well done to Mr Kwok, although I'm not sure I would have recognized him these days. He's come a loooong way since Saviour of the Soul and The Barefoot Kid, hasn't he?!

Soupdragon said...

Absolutely! I think I feel a "before" and "after" couple o shots coming up on the next entry...


Now if HK would just recognise the fact that he can act too, that'd be great... Fingers crossed for March 07, eh.



Anonymous said...

Watching movies, eating pop-corn, giving my view on the movie and listening to my husband’s opinion: this is the best way to spend Saturday evenings. I wish I could take part in film awards and be one those judges who decide the films’ fates. The latest occasion to argue with my husband was European Film Awards 2006, which took part in Warsaw. Here you can take a look on the results.

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