Thursday, 16 November 2006


Irony is finding some bastard’s turned off the water supply to yer building (so you have to wash yer hair and brush yer teeth in the bottled drinking water you had int fridge) and then getting halfway to work before the heavens open and you get fucking soaked cos you didn’t bring an umbrella.

That were yesterday, in a nutshell.

I banged ont neighbour’s door, asking him why the water were off and, more to the point, why no bugger had warned me. I were just lucky I’d had any water in my fridge at all. He said it were alright cos the building knew.

“Oh, the building knew, did it? The building knew? So why didn’t anyone tell the people that live inside the building?”

Cue the mainland lady from upstairs, shuffling down steps and stopping behind me, lending her voice to the tirade an’ all. Apparently, the building and everyone expect me and her, knew. Then comes a male voice from further up the landing, asking if we were on about water, and if so, did we know what had happened as he had kids to bath and get to school, like.

In the end, I felt entirely vindicated, but still grimy. Had me catlick and went off to work, got rained on coming out of the MTR station, and decided it were the right time to call the landlord.

Anyway, it were back on last night, so I were clever enough to refill all the bottles and put em next to the fridge, this time, not int fridge. They get cold in there.

Then there’s the Remington Steele DVDs. I’ve got region 1 versions (USA, NTSC) cos that’s the only choice you have. I can’t play em in me Mac, cos me Mac’s region-locked (DON’T START! See previous entry on ‘flashing innuendos’ fer details). So imagine my surprise when I find out that they’re soon to be released on region 2 DVDs anyway? Don’t believe me? Well, alright, they’re the French version, but who cares? After all, I live in a country where everything’s in two languages, and sometimes three, and you just learn to focus on the one you want. When yer entire life is in two languages, are you really going to get shirty about the words on the outside of the DVD box?

"Now Laura, this is not what it looks like..."

And talking of Mr Steele, and therefore Pierce Brosnan, I read the reviews of Casino Royale last night and now I really want to see it! But it dunt open in Hong Kong till December 21st, so until then, I’ll just have to not read the spoilers and not read all them mails that people are going to send me way that contain gratuitous Daniel Craig pics. I’ve seen a few making-ofs on the Soundtrack Channel, and I’m sold. *big grin*

Time fer me to go work.


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* (asterisk) said...

As long as the discs are in the right language, that's all that matters. I have several Region 3 discs in my collection. They look nice on my shelf, too, with all their lovely Chinese characters.

granny w said...

stop trying to pretend you normally get up early enough to wash! Glad your wrist's better wench. smell ya later xx


chinese disks? smelling wrists?...over me head

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