Friday, 23 March 2007

Teaching and watching and thinking, oh my

He stared at the side of me head fer about ten minutes before I asked him.
“Because, teacher,” he said thoughtfully, “you have a white hair.”
Question answered, then.

She watched me explain fer about two minutes before I asked her.
“Nothing, teacher,” she said thoughtfully, “only that your glasses are really cool.”
Not all bad, then.

And then we cracked open the BBC DVD o ‘Blackpool’, and while I were swept away wi a certain DI Peter Carlisle (no surprise to learn he’s played by The Tennster wi his real voice on), me and me mate really enjoyed the whole Bollywood-esque, ‘Moulin Rouge!’ type musical spots. Didn’t grow up on Gene Kelly musicals fer nothing! But is it just me, or is DI Carlisle going fert Brad Pitt Award For Consumption of Edibles In Every Single Bastard Scene (an award formed after ‘Ocean’s Eleven’)?

Anyway, we’ve just got to the end of episode three. Ridley’s son’s just told the dirty DI he killed the young lad. I think he’s lying. Unless he did it to protect that working girl (who rents a hovel from his dad). Hmm… I’m going to have this going round in me head till I get to the next and last three episodes. Then again, it’ll take me mind off the fact that I’m up to the last episodes of ‘Firefly’ and ‘Doctor Who’ (season two) boxed sets, and once they’re watched and the series are really over, what am I going to do?

Well, there’s the HK Film Festival, fer starters. Just seen ‘Don’, the biggest Bollywood film of 2006 apparently, and, o my dog, were it a cracker! A little bum-numbing at three hours, mind, but worth it (we didn't actually check the blurb before going in, so [1] I weren't aware of the plot or in fact what it were all about, Alfie, and [2] I hadn't clocked the running time. Not that it mattered). In turns hilarious, dramatic, moving and thrilling in a ‘what an absolutely fucking fab dance routine!’ kinda way, we only paid HJK$50 for it (approximately GBP3.30, or US$6.30) too, and that’s not bad fer three hours of quality entertainment. But I have to say it ~ why did the bastards have to end it like that? Oh, right. Sequel time…

Peach and lube then, it’s been a good start to the week. Except it's nearly over already. Ah well.


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