Saturday, 31 March 2007

Hittin’ on the Jock o’ the Day

Just caught up with Graham Norton’s show from Thursday night. I do love Graham Norton, being camper than a Carry On film and twice as amusing. And, to be honest, there’s not a lot to amuse me about UK programming, so it’s nice to see some UK show that makes me socks levitate across t’room by sheer laff-power.

I only watched it cos the Tennster was on – and then Jo Brand showed up. Gawd, but I’d forgotten how funny that woman is. Always had me in stitches when she were on late night Channel 4 stand-up or wherever. Bloody funny girl, and certainly no different ont night. David Tennant were lovely – but I say that as if he could be anything else. Were it just me, the small screen I were watchin’ it on, or did that suit make him look even more rail-thin than usual? Whatever.

Screamed me way through the very juvenile but hilarious TARDIS SFX blag on passers-by, and of course the phone calls and picture messages between the studio and the unknown bloke who answered the “Hello, I’m David and I’m taking you from behind” ad. int paper. Cracking stuff, in a very surreal yet different kinda way. Bless Derek.

And you can see shitloads of screencaps on my alter-ego’s site here.

And then sat through The Weakest Link. Fuck me, but is Anne Robinson just a caricature of what she used to be? Having only seen adds fer it when I actually lived in Blighty, and being careful to avoid it then, I were surprised at how much she seems to buy into and exploit the farcity of it all. I were kinda disappointed that they voted pur wee Dave off, but then again, I were glad the winner gave the money to a charity caring fer children who are carers themselves. They certainly need it, poor buggers.

So what’s left? Waiting fert opportunity to watch the new series of Doctor Who, I spose. Which should be in about… ooh, twelve hours? Have to say, after reading this month’s SFX magazine, I’m a little saddened to see his brown suit go. I loved that brown suit. Or just the cut of it. Or praps just the way it pointed out all the interesting tourist attractions. Like, as Wash once put it, the part where his legs meet his back. Oh yes, very nicely cut.

Also can’t wait fer John Simm as ‘Mr Saxon’, A.K.A. The Master (we hope). Still not confirmed that that’s his actual role, but hey, it’s as good as confirmed when just about every national tabloid has it int entertainment section’s small print.

And so to ‘Life On Mars’, then. Loved episode 6, or the one about the kidnapping and Sam having been given the wrong medication (in his “coma”) and going a bit weird. Loved it. Annie gets better and better, the Gene Genie just keeps delivering (after poor Chris farts: “What have you been eating? Pedigree chum?” will go down int list of favourite Huntisms), and I’m even beginning to forgive Ray Carling. Will wonders never cease?

Praps. But not this week. The Doctor’s back, dontchaknow.

Peach and lube, then. Lots and lots o lube…

P.S., took me about three seconds to come up wi today’s blog post title. I think it’s going to go down as one o me favourites. *insert big grin here*

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weenie said...

I was out with the family tonight and missed the first Doctor episode...must catch the rerun tomorrow or I'm gonna cry...

Soupdragon said...

Out? Out? Were you mad, going out lat night?


I'm off to see the Wizard - the one who gets me downloads...


* (asterisk) said...

It was outrageous that they voted off the Doctor and Cap'n Jack, I thought. It should have been a Doc/Jack final.

First ep was pretty good, I thought. And interesting that he'd changed his white Converse for red ones, even though they didn't last long before being kicked into the bin! I was saying, "Omigod, he's got red Cons this year!" Then: "Oh, p'raps not..."

* (asterisk) said...

Oh, I hope that comment wasn't any sort of spoiler...

Soupdragon said...

No, no, yer alright, I watched it late this afternoon!

How fab was that? For a first ep, I mean? Although I kept looking at the alien woman person and going "oh my god, its the girl from Fry and Laurie!"


I loved the ditching of the red Chucks... although after just having seen him on Graham Norton, I were worried just HOW he were going to "excise" all that radiation, LOL


* (asterisk) said...

It was cool.

I saw the Norton show repeated too. V good.

Say, did you know John Simm is going to be in an episode of Who this season?

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