Sunday, 22 April 2007

Motorways and Broadways

dix mille
zehn tausend
dieci mila
diez miles
10 тысяч
万 萬
ten thousand

That’s how many hits I’ve managed to scrape together since February 13th, 2006. Not bad, I reckon. Especially as all I publish is shite…

I’m behind, I know that. But I were busy blogging about HK Film Awards and the like, and of course, that old chestnut, getting a few nasties off me chest. Ah, me. All done though, and now that ‘Life On Mars’ is gone, we’re back to ‘Doctor bloody Who’.

Way back int mists of time, i.e., once upon a Saturday night (14th) , we got episode three, ‘Gridlock’. A nice wee epic-etta, if you see what I mean. Inside of 42 minutes they delivered a Bladerunner-esque bleak little world, worked in a few magic continuity lines (“I’m so sorry”), a chilling set-up for Plots Yet To Come (“you’re not alone”), the promise (as always) of a better future, a few old enemies of Doctor Two and, of course, a few thrilling Doctor-gets-annoyed-and-decides-to-do-it-himself moments. All adds up to ‘bloody marvellous’, again. You can tell it’s a Russell T. Davies-penned episode from the distopian world finding freedom and light from chaos and darkness – and the married old ladies, of course. Nice touch. I loved it.

The Doctor realises he’s been an arse towards Martha, she decides to put her foot down at just the right moment, and basically tells him he has to start talking to her like she exists. Nice one, love. Another point in yer corner. Anyway, we leave them having a heart-to-heart about Gallifrey and why he lied to her. Aw, wee cottons, eh? But wait, this is Russell T. Davies, and anything you hear in a heart-to-heart is going to be important motivation fodder later on int series. That an’ another chance to make the Doctor squirm and pretend he’s not getting all teary-eyed talking about summat he normally avoids, fer just that reason. Aw, purr wee lamb. I’d have given him a shoulder to cry on. Well, that an’ any other body parts as might have helped. Who wouldn’t? Certainly not Martha, although I think her earlier “if I go with him I might be in wi a chance of a shag later” thoughts are morphing into summat along the lines of “he’s going to end up my best friend in all the worlds, if I’m not careful”.

A few thoughts: the Doctor seems to have got over his unease wi cats, then – picking up the wee kitten and playing wi it, even though he told Rose before that he were “not really a cat person”, recent events wi cat-nuns in hospitals withstanding. I did have a think when they witnessed the passing of the Face of Boe, and Martha finally getting an “aw, there, there” hug from the Doctor – I think it were him that needed the hug, more than her.

And the Face of Boe. Although the Doctor admitted he “didn’t really know” who he was (a common theme this episode), the Face of Boe called him “old friend” quite a bit. Hmm. Could it be that the Doctor knows him, but just doesn’t recognise him? Billions of years old, is he? So could he know more’n he’s letting on? Like the fact that he’s from before Gallifrey had all their planetary troubles? Is that how he knows summat the Doctor doesn’t?

Bah, stop it. I’m connecting dots wi no idea what shape the finished article is supposed to be. I’ll stop right now, ‘fore I talk myself through the entire series when we’re only on episode four. After all, I like being surprised an’ caught out. I don’t want to ruin it for meself.

Ardal O’Hanlon was mighty fine (the kittens were a nice touch) and although I thought the girlie that played Cheen was the same as played Donna from ‘Queer As Folk’ but was completely wrong, everyone int episode did a cracking job. I especially liked the hugging of Novice Hame, and the consequent “oi, wait a minute, get off!”

Best lines? Valerie and Branigan: “He’s completely insane!” / “ ~ and a little bit magnificent.

Fast-forward to last night then, 21st. New-new episode ‘Daleks in Manhattan’ (title made me think o ‘Muppets Take Manhattan’ fert long moment, and the blue suit is growing on me, has to be said.) Loved the whole show-time musical thing, the pointed references (making way fert Captain Jack, later int series, praps?) the costumes, sets, character, stories… the quotes…

Martha: I am so glad to see you!
Doctor: Yeah well, you can kiss me later. And you too, Frank. If you want.

Tallulah: You got yourself a forward-thinking guy with that hot potato in the sharp suit.
Martha: We’re not together.
Tallulah: Oh sure you are. I’ve seen the way you look at him – it’s obvious.
Martha: Not to him.
Tallulah: Oh! I should have realised – he’s into musical theatre. What a waste… Still, you gotta live in hope!

Doctor: [seeing a dalek] They survived. They always survive, while I lose everything…

Not a happy bunny, is our Doctor. Little bit of genocide ont cards, methinks. Revenge is so much more fun when you can be sure you have every last one of the buggers, eh? There’s no question he’d do it ~ the question is whether Martha lets him, and if he can do it in time.

Nice evolution twist too ~ I don’t know, that Dalek Sec, eh? He’s quite a card. Managing to overturn all the ideas the other daleks cling to, talking em into letting him get on wi it, then – and some might say, bravely – using himself as the experiment. I liked his comment about ‘if we’re so superior, how come we’re nearly extinct?’ He’s been reading the Tao of Arthur Dent, and no mistake. Tallulah – not bad fer a 1930’s broad: she didn’t go nuts when she met Laszlo again, much as I thought she would. Very tolerant, that bird. But not good at directions (dare I point out that she’s blonde, too?). Young Frank was lovely (and he’s got that accent) and Soloman was a nice touch.

So all we have to do is wait a week fert ending. Easy.


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weenie said...

I really enjoyed this latest episode but will miss part two cos I'll be out on a girly pissup next Sat!

At some point, I'll get the DVDs...

Soupdragon said...

Yes gads, now that 's summat I never want to have to choose between ~ a girlie night out or the Doctor...

Doesn't it get repeated later int week on some other BBC channel?

Have a great time ~ and hope it gets repeated, LOL


* (asterisk) said...

I'll be having to miss it too, but I'll DVR it and then catch it immediately upon being able to. Can't wait! Well, I can cos I'm a grown-up. But I am rather looking forward to it, don'cha know.


Nice to see the politicians didn't have a fucking bus lane to themselves. Mind you they were all dead which was even better.

Daleks in pin stripe suits. This just gets better n better.

Yer know it's goin t'be The Master don't yer? 'N Capt Jack is back later (insider information). Last 'Torchwood' when the Tardis was heard? It connects. Sorta.

Soupdragon said...

What amuses me is that I've been mentionin who's going to be The Master since about... February, and yet everyone and his brother keeps remindin me like I'm out of the loop!
[see first pic of the post, LOL]

Anyway, nice that everyone thinks about me and wants me in on it too! I can't wait... roll on May 5th!


Daleks in suits - it's fab, int it?
I saw them shots of them shooting in Cardiff wi John Barrowman and David Tennant stood looking straight into a camera, all freaked out, LOL
Must be hard to pretend to be shocked straight into a camera lense!
I don't watch Torchwood (I tried, I really tried!), so not up on it at all, but apparently it's all about severed hands and stuff. And people who should have died but haven't. And stuff.

Just have to wait, eh?



* (asterisk) said...

Torchwood was all right. I liked it. Cap'n Jack comes in at ep.10 or 11, I think. Long wait...

Soupdragon said...

Ah, right before the big two-part heads-down knuckles-out showdown wi the Master? OOPS - I meant Mr Saxon?


Must be Tinternet's biggest open secret by now, eh?



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