Saturday, 12 May 2007

All quiet on the TV front

No ‘Doctor bloody Who’ this weekend, then. And I’ve got to be up at 7am tomorrow ~ on a SUNDAY ~ to go to work fer Parents’ Day. So an early night and no fags or whisky, then. Yeah right.

It’s Saturday night
I’m feeling on song.
I think I’m alright
I know I’m all wrong.
The drink that I had
Three hours ago
Has been joined by fourteen others
In a steady flow.
So let me walk straight
Don’t let me feel pain.
I’m going to scratch cars
With my key again.
Cos when I go home
And fall on my bed
If it doesn’t leave my stomach
It’ll split my head.

So fixed me burning VCD problems, then. Fannied about wi all kinds shite till I realised that all you need is love Burn on a Mac. Just call me a spanner, eh.

Saw the Tennster / David Tenninch Tennant on Parkinson, which is worth watching purely for the “my face on your crotch” quote (and, like half of the UK, I am now wondering just where I might purchase said underwear…).

That’s it. I’m off. I’m pisht and need me bed now.

Time fer bed, said Zebedee.

~ ~




Missed Parky as The Dragon won't watch much n I was stuck oop North. Back home now. Old bat's still breathin'. No justice is there?

Soupdragon said...

Breathe easy: I saw it HERE, and so can you!



* (asterisk) said...

So... tell me about Burn, Soupy. Can you use it to make "backups" of DVDs on the Mac? I'm all intrigued.

Soupdragon said...

I can confirm I have made one or two back-ups onto VCD using this very machine and software...
I don't have a DVD burner, but the option is there...
My mate's got a MacBook Pro and he's been backing up quite a lot recently. You know, in case it ever, er, well, in case. You never know.
He even twinned it with Mac the Ripper to get proper quality.
I, of course, have no clue what he's talking about.



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