Thursday, 31 May 2007

Of regenerations and futures

Just thinking back to ‘Doctor bloody Who’ from last Saturday night. Can’t get that cricket-bowl moment out of me head. John Smith drawing on Doctor Five’s cricketing background? It were a spectacularly filmed scene, I have to say. And I just thought – “int that a bloody fab ‘Jadzia uses Tobin’s experience’ moment?

Sometimes I miss Dax.

Needless to say, can’t wait to see how they get outta this one ~ talk about Best Cliffhangers Ever Awards. Just have to wait and see, eh? I’m already outraged that it’s June in a few hours ~ that means we only have a month left of ‘Doctor bloody Who’ before it finishes its present run. And I’m a little perturbed, I have to say. I’m refusing to believe that either David Tenninch Tennant or Freema Agyeman have signed fert next series. Refuse, I say, refuse! Cos then I can watch the big hyowj John Simm v the Tennster bish-bash-bosheroo showdown season-ender wiowt actually knowing who’s supposed to win… Kinda…

And then I won’t be heart-broken if either of them don’t return fert next series, or the fill-in special they might do to keep interest before the next series. Then if and when one or both of them do come back, I’ll be as happy as a Frenchman who’s just invented self-removing trousers, I tell you now.

Apart from that, have put out another ‘Doctor bloody Who’ fan-fic, this time concerning wheel-clamps and polished floors. It’s HERE, if you fancy it. Rated K+ for pretty much everyone, and again very much int style of an episode. I promise I shall try NOT to write any more. Promise.

Then we have the Wallpapers of the Week, over on me sister-ship. Some shiny new ones from last Saturday, an’ all. These are more implied than outright naughty. I think. Kinda.

I think that’s it, then. Oh, other than to mention that the new H&M store in Central is fab ~ they do trousers for chunky-arsed birds like me, and actually have decent stuff. Although I have to say, they have some right skewed underwear sizes. Since when is that an 85C? Honestly, that new 85C was clearly more of an 85B ~ made me look like some extra from a Bronte adaptation. Seriously, if I’d dared to sneeze I’d have had me own eye out.

Anyway, that’s it. Got to go to work. Oh yeah, and watch the new Pirates film after that.


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Bein a thick Oldhamer I couldn't fathom how to comment on yer sister ship. Great pics.

My mate who cleans the bogs at the Beeb says they've both signed and she'd know.

We just drew 1-1 with Brazil. Fuckin hell. Brazil??? I'm dreamin....must be

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