Wednesday, 20 June 2007

I need a TARDIS

Can’t stop, have to move flats, need to meet gas man, get gas switched back on, receive IKEA delivery, supervise IKEA men assembling delivered stuff, meet Man With A Van with remaindered furniture, get him to new address, get all said furniture in (in one piece), meet Now TV + broadband man, make sure all channels and Tinternet still work, get electric meter read, change address with everyone who knows me, get presents for birthdays missed in England, sort tickets and coaches fert holiday in four week’s time –

In between making sure I can get ‘Doctor bloody Who’ this Sunday and next. Cos that’s the most important thing about moving to a new flat – continuity…

There just aren’t enough hours int day when yer working.

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Work is the most obscene four letter word in the English language.

I was born to be rich and idle.

Sadly I have only yet managed to master the idle part of my destiny.

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