Thursday, 14 June 2007

Landladies, Oceans, Jacks and Scooby Doo

I’ll admit I’m a Browncoat / Bajoran freedom fighter / Ellen Ripley kinda person. I think.

So when me landlord announced on Tuesday that he’d be upping me rent by 20%, I told him he’d do no such thing. Wednesday were spent sourcing new premises, and this morning were spent going over fine print wi New Landlady, handing over deposits and generally sorting the whole damned thing out.

We move in 20th June.

So, apart from that hectic wee event, it’s mostly been business as usual this week. Had wee Jack, A.K.A. Serial Biter, in kindergarten. I suffered two mild gnashes on my arse before I told him really quite sternly than if he did it again, Captain Jack Sparrow would take him away on his big bad pirate ship and he’d never see his mam or Hong Kong again. (Have to add, I have a colour pic of said Captain on me whiteboard for just this eventuality. You’d be surprised how many kids it works on.)

End of lesson, we do the usual high-fiving and goodbyes, and normally I say summat like: “see you next week, thank you very much” and off they disappear, back whence they came. Hopefully not to bite their maids / mams / grandmas as they wend their ways home. This time however, wee Jack tells me that I should be thanking Captain Jack, not him. I ask him why, he dutifully tells me that Captain Jack saved my bottom from further injury, and we both agree that, quite literally, Captain Jack Sparrow has saved my arse. And I don’t get to say that very often.

Onto ‘Ocean’s 13’, then. I enjoyed it. Loved the George Clooney + Brad Pitt moments, and Matt Damon, and Andy Garcia, and Qin Shao Bo getting to be more than just the grease monkey. Much more than an apology for ‘Ocean’s 12’, it had me giggling pretty much all the way through, and I loved so many small pieces. And Brad Pitt kept eating. But not enough to steal the 2007 Brad Pitt Award Fer Eating Int Every Bastard Scene from David Tenninch Tennant, who still wins for ‘Blackpool’.

And that thing wi the cable car falling off from the Ngong Ping 360 attraction here in Hong Kong ~ does anyone else think it smacks of a Scooby Doo episode? Hmm, let’s see… Cable car plunges from a double safety-line arrangement at a tourist trap / attraction. It happens at a time when no-one is on the bloody thing, and lands in a conveniently empty spit of jungley land. Sabotage suspicions abound, especially as Ocean Park, the local version of Chessington’s, has been running their own cable cars for thirty years (this year), and had never had a single accident. Hmm… If I were the bods in charge of the investigation, I’d call the Mystery Machine crew and get em on the case right away. As Gene Hunt says, it’s always the first one to talk as did it…

That’s it then ~ a short one tonight. Much sorting of stuff and packing to do.

See you later, innovator…

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


caroline said...

My, my, my......what a lovely little nipper - pardon the rum, sorry pun!

Bless Cap'n Jack for being there for your arse!

Soupdragon said...

Wee cottons, indeed....


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