Sunday, 18 November 2007

Two Doctors in Same TARDIS Shocker

It had to happen – we’ve had rumours of this since August, I believe. And we do love the god that is Russell T. Davies, but he does have a habit of dredging up or playing up to sure-fire winners when it comes to writing or producing ‘Doctor bloody Who’ scripts. He pulls heart-strings and mashes canon and fandom with gay abandon, and that’s why he’s produced some of the best episodes we’ve seen.

And so to Friday night’s Children In Need mini-ep. First off, who didn’t find this the biggest pile of squeee since the series ep ‘Utopia’? It were positively made of squeee, there were absolutely no denying that. They packed more into them few minutes than I could have hoped. There were a few things I noticed through vision blurred by much too much girlie enthusiasm though:

David Tenninch Tennant’s name appeared before Peter Davison’s. Hmm. So we’re not going in alphabetical order? Or even chronological? I see. They did well blending the middle bit into the beginning and end already used – but wardrobe? One minute he’s in a black shirt and freakishly blue tie (with short hair), the next a burgundy/purple-thing shirt and long(er) hair. Ah well. Not that it matters, eh. For his hand in the jar was ever-present.

Onto Definite Points of Squee, or Bits I Loved to Bits:

80’s synthesizer Five music!
Ten’s “sorry Doctor” then teeth-snap. Oh he does that so well.
“There it is – the frowny face – I remember that one!”
Ten being all gangly and doing that thing where he stands with his hands in his pockets, wiggling round with excitement. Fucking magic.
“It would really REALLY help if some skinny idiot wasn’t ranting in my face about everything he sees in front of him!” THAT’S the old Five!
“What’s this desktop theme, ‘Coral’? It’s worse than the leopard skin!”
Brainy specs! – You don’t even need ‘em, you just think they make you look a bit clever.
Decorative vegetable” ~ ingenious!
“That was me actually, sorry… Your TARDIS and mine collided and wheur, there you go, end of the universe, butterfingers!”
“I’ve never found anyone who could fly the TARDIS like that!” – “Sorry mate, you still haven’t!”
“Does the Master still have that rubbish beard?” – “No. No beard. Well, a wife!” ~ How rude a gay joke was that? And they got away with it! Bloody marvellous!
“And my trainers! And my glasses – snap! And my voice still goes squeaky when I shout – still does that, I got that from you!”
Hey, I’m the Doctor, I can save the universe using a kettle and some string – and look at me, I’m wearing a vegetable.
Wibbly-wobbly ~ timey-wimey!
“Thank you – I’m very welcome!”
Five being typically breathless and astute, as if the entire universe hangs on his every feathered utterance of theories of impending doom.
“To days to come” – “All my love to long ago.”

Now that last bit (and the next one) nearly had me in tears. So much time had passed between Five and Ten, so much shit through the U-bend. So tragic, and yet so fucking ace that it’s all happened and the show’s been going so long and everyone will get more in-jokes that I could ever spot and.... and.... and... and then Ten drops a bombshell:
“You were my Doctor.”

Well fuck me. If that wasn’t the moment I nearly died. I’ve been through this already, and no doubt close to twelve million fanboys and girlies have too. We all know what camps we’re in, Doctor generation-wise. And I thought Five was mine. I think it was the last half of series two that ma brain went all sub-conscious and elbowed him smoothly aside for Ten, without even telling me. And then series three I knew it was Ten after all.

So there we are. I’m all squeee’d out, I have to have a little lie down now. Just come back from watching the Hong Kong Singers’ rendition of ‘The Full Monty’ stage show, and yay, it were fab. Story relocated to a brassic mining town in the USA, but all translated well and the actors were fan-bloody-tastic.

Proper tired now. Have a lovely week, and I’ll be going to bed now, a small smile on me face.

Peach and lube, people.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


Camera Obscura said...

If you look, really really closely, during the "you were my Doctor" bit... our little Davey's a trifle teared-up. Word is he went back to his trailer and had a good cry after filming that particular piece. Fanboy-city.

I adored this from beginning to end. Daughter squeed so loud the first time I showed it to her that I had to run it again so she could hear all the dialog.

(And she didn't get that the beard bit was supposed to be a joke. Which is good, because I was wondering if I would have to explain it...)

Soupdragon said...

It was so very good, wasn't it? We went off on one doing that and all, going "it's good, isn't it? Isn't it good?" about 50 times in honour of the poor Master and his 'beard' who shot him, ROFL

Did you see the Confidential? Purr wee Davey giggling and 'melting', Phil thingy and RTD squeeing in unison - just fab, fab, fab!

Good to see Davey enjoying himself again, eh.


Loved it. Bloody marvellous.

* (asterisk) said...

Bloody missed it, din't I. I'll have a look on YouTube then...

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