Thursday, 31 January 2008

Unexpected holiday!

Amazing random fact for the day: Did you know that on 31st January 1606, Guy Fawkes and several of his naughty, naughty mates were hanged, drawn and quartered for trying to pull the Gunpowder Plot? Apparently he tried to blow up the Houses of Parliament in London village. Good for him, I say. Is this a good time to admit that I have officially given up smoking for an entire month now? How fab am I?

So I’ve finished work for the day, and found myself on my holiday already. Yup – ten days off. That’s plural. More than one. Consecutive. Sequential. Altogether. In one go. At once.

I’m having trouble taking it in. I mean, I didn’t have it planned, it just kinda happened, and the last time I had time off was… er… hang on…

Anyway, at least I can finally do all that stuff I’ve been meaning to but never had time for. Hairdresser’s, getting me new bed in (Tuesday) and totally re-arranging me bedroom, nails, cinema (x 4), iMac, clothes shopping, gym-finding, reading/employing the shooters recipe book I got from Granny W, finishing the book of H. G. Wells short stories I got from Bestest Mate, watching those missing five episodes of season two of ‘Super-bloody-natural’, whiling away a few hours with some series three ‘Doctor bloody Who’, catching up on series two of ‘Torchwood’, producing more Wallpapers of the Week (and some Winchester Wallpapers too), maybe finishing that third ‘Super-bloody-natural’ fan-fic, and shitloads of other stuff I can’t remember right now.

It’s also Chinese New Year next week (Thursday 7th – Year of the Rat), so I’m even off beforehand to get drinks in and stock up on Purple Nurple ingredients. How fab is that?

Tomorrow I shall mostly be sleeping. And making a start on this hyowj backlog of shite I obviously have to get through. I think ten days is not going to be enough – I’ll have to take an extra week at this rate.

Tell you what though – I’m now officially on holiday. It’s going to be ace, it’s going to be a relief, it’s going to be bloody marvellous. And it is going to be… fantastic.

Peach and lube everyone. Lots and lots of lube.

~ ~


weenie said...

Have a fab holiday - Kung Hei Fat Choi!


he deserved hanging, drawing and quartering for fucking it up!

Have a good hols babe x

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