Friday, 2 May 2008

The post in which I lose what little dignity I had left

So we’re watching ‘Supernatural’ episode 3.14, or ‘Long Distance Caller’ to give it it’s real title. And we’re having a great time, expecting John Winchester to roll up at any moment. No wait, calm, down, I’m not here to Spoilerise anyone. I’m here to do my Happy Dance of Ultimate Victory (or Smackdown Carnage Conga of Triumph). Why? Why? Well let me tell you, as was once sang in, er, Rocky Horror, I think…

Sam. Dean. Sam and Dean (guffaw! Nice ‘Dr Badass’ joke there!) go undercover in cheap suits and Head Office guise to ask some pertinent questions – and as usual they use aliases. Now I know Dean thought of these – I just know it. He’s come up with some good ones in the past: Detectives Bachman and Turner, Detective Robert Plant, Mr John Bonham, Nigel Tufnel (!), Agents Ford and Hamil (cue huge ‘Star Wars’ sporfle!) and even Dean J. Mahogoff.

But these two names take the cake and the tin. He’s outdone himself. He’s earned my eternal admiration and deepest respect as a film geek. Dean Winchester, if you weren’t a deity (major, people, major) before, you certainly are now.

Oh right, the names. The aliases. Get ready to dance. Or squeee. Or hell, do both like I did. Ready?

Mister Campbell and Mister Raimi.

Yep, you read that right. And anyone who references The God Who Is Bruce Campbell and/or The Slightly Lesser God Who Is Sam Raimi, gets much geeky film love from me. Much. Very much. Lashings. (Hmm… Dean Winchester… lashings…)

See? I have no shame. I’m actually admitting I whooped, jumped up and danced round me front room when those aliases came out. I need help, I know. What I’m actually going to get is some more Butterballs down me, then go to bed. Cos I have work in about… nine hours from now. Fab!

Night everyone! And remember, you must not read from the book!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

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