Wednesday, 25 June 2008


Finally seen last weekend’s ‘Doctor bloody Who’ episode eleven: ‘Turn Left’. Thoughts?

1) ‘Doctor bloody Who’ finally goes all ‘Firefly’! Woo-hoo! You saw the entire foreign planet made of Asia, right? Was that not Persephone? Badger around too, was he? Doing his dodgy Delboy deals, wheeling and a-dealing, ducking and a-diving? Where did they leave the TARDIS, Eavesdown Docks? Just kidding. Bloody ace to see it though, had me missing Cap’n Mal Sir and Kaylee and her Parasol Of Win.

2) Donna. She’s intertwined. Wee Chan-tho actress as was reading her palm, trying to get her to carry the Time Beetle (no Paul McCartney jokes, please), calling her ‘all-powerful’ and asking ‘What are you? What will you be?’ The Doctor saying she’s been all important and mashed in there since she was born… Please please please please say she’s a Time Lord! Please please please! She doesn’t know yet, she’s been born with one heart cos she’s not old enough to regenerate yet! Come on, PLEASE say she’s a Time Lord (Lady)! Please!

3) The stars are going out. I don’t think they are. I think they’re being obscured. Which would take millions upon millions of ships. Ships that swarm and are so very many, all packed in tight, they blot out the stars. Ships belonging to a race referred to as ‘The Darkness’ (not the one formerly with Justin Hawkins) because their ships swarm from across the stars to lay siege to entire star systems. Yes, we’re talking about Daleks.

4) Could Donna be connected to Davros, who’s so obviously back next week, if the laughing Dalek on the trailer is anything to go by? Please please please please please let her be a Time Lord/Lady, not a host or requisite body part for Davros!

5) And all the bees keep disappearing? It’s either Colony Collapse Disorder or they’re all buzzing round singing ‘so long and thanks for all the honey’ before they wing it sharpish to make sure they don’t get demolished along with the entire planet, dolphin-stylee.

I’m so worried. All I have to do is get by till Saturday night - or rather, Sunday morning for me. That’s all. Easy. Easy.

Naaaaah! Give me next week’s ‘Doctor bloody Who’ now, dammit!

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The Silent Voices in my Mind said...

Hey! I've been waiting for you to see Turn Left! My family is all on American time (as we live in Indiana :P ) so I couldn't talk to them about it. I was so hyped to see the trailer: Rose back and The Doctor dead?! So it was kinda a let-down for it to turn out as a "what-if" instead. Still, I am excited about the additional info we got about Donna and about the return of Rose. Though I confess that I don't think I want Donna to be a Time Lord... I'll have to think that one over.

TWO EPISODES LEFT til the finale! What will I do then? Doctor Who over, Torchwood over, Supernatural over, Grey's over, etc with all my favs!

Speaking of which... do you do spoilers? If so, have you been following the Supernatural spoilers?

Soupdragon said...

Hey there, how you doing?
Loving Doctor Who alright - but yeah, everything's ending! Even 'Life' finished last week too!

I DON'T do Supernatural spoilers... I want to sit and watch the first eps of season 4 and be totally blown away, like I was with the ending of season 3... I've really been over-thinking the whole thing, as my recent slew of fan-fiction will attest, LOL

I hear they haven't even made people sign for a third series of Torchwood - what's up with THAT?


* (asterisk) said...

Good ep, Turn Left. I liked it. And yes, Davros is back, as you no doubt know by now. Lots of stuff going on next two eps. Cor 'eck.

Of course, "so long and thanks for all the honey" doesn't really work in quite the same way, since I don't think bees eat honey. But I'll let you off cos it was kinda funny. And that do rhyme. Like Lords and Ladies of Time. Bye.

Soupdragon said...

Bugger, yer absolutely right, LOL
Should have said 'so long and thanks for all the nectar', I suppose.

And hey - yer a poet and now you know it!


The Manic Street Preacher said...

Been wracking my brains over what is 'special' about Donna. Never even entered my head she could be a Time Lord. It'd be good. A Davros body part? Nah. Can't see that.

Wonder when we're going to see the Docs daughter again?

* (asterisk) said...

Aw man, you haven't updated yet. What day do you get to watch Who then?

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