Wednesday, 9 July 2008

Not my fault

Not in a Han Solo ‘It’s not my fault! They told me they fixed it!’ kinda way, but a ‘PCCW / Netvigator are playing silly buggers with my net connection again’ kinda way. This is why I haven’t posted in a about sixty years, and this is why my write-up of ‘Doctor bloody Who’ series four finale is going to have to wait till it’s fixed.

Did I mention I’m angry? Hmm, can’t quite remember a time when I was this angry… Oh no, wait, yes I can - the last time they gave me a piece of shit wireless broadband modem and then cut me off for a week, telling me it was my fault cos obviously my computer was fucked up and not set up properly. Then sending two engineers, one of which saying the signal strength to the building was to blame but he’d fixed it, and the next telling me he weren’t surprised it didn’t work cos the useless bastard thing - and I quote, people, ‘is not compatible with Mac’s Airport’.

Yes, I shit you not. They actually believe this is a reasonable excuse in this day and age. What’s next, my DVD player is not compatible with my front room? Oh no, wait, I’ve got one - my arse is not compatible with my sofa. He actually had the balls to stand there and say that Mac did not work with his precious modem. Oh no, no, no, I said, I think you’ll find your fucking waste of space box doesn’t work my my Mac. And let me tell you why.

A long convoluted conversation about the fact that I can pick up everyone else’s wireless int residential block of flats, and the fact that my settings are just fine, ta, seeing as Jarvis II took them from the modem itself without humans getting int way, and he’s almost thinking about changing his story.

I don’t care. I couldn’t give a foetid pair of dingo’s kidneys what he believes, so long as he makes the fucking modem work. I mean, not to be rude, but it’s their job. It’s not like I’m asking them to repair the road outside my flat, or fix my fridge, or provide me with milk every morning. All I want is a working modem for which I’ve already paid. At this rate I don’t think I’ll pay my bill at the end of the month - prove to me I’ve actually used the fucking service first, eh?

Anyway, the wait for this morning's engineer continues...

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Richard said...

For what it's worth, and not to rub anything in...

I had a very friendly and helpful chap from PCCW pop round this morning (in Sheung Wan, yes) to supply, connect, etc. a new modem and Now box. He was a little bit surprised to find that the other chap from PCCW who was meant to come and disconnect and collect the old stuff hadn't appeared yet, but the two of them worked it out together over the phone.

He did the necessary unplugging, with some good-natured moaning about the ridiculous tangle of cables, quite happily plugged the new box into my wireless box, and told me to configure it. It didn't work first time, so quite sensibly, he tried plugging my PC into the modem directly and asked me to configure it. My PC, unfortunately, runs Linux and doesn't have PPPoE support setup, because I've never needed it, which confused the guy for a moment, before he cheerily admitted that he had no idea what he was doing with Linux and pulled out his own laptop to test the connection. All working, no problem, quicker than it was before, etc.

I was quite impressed that there was no moaning about using my own router, and using Linux, rather than the 'official' config of one Windows PC plugged straight into the modem. He was happy to admit he couldn't set that stuff up, but he didn't seem either surprised or bothered that I was using it.

Oh, and I assume the problem is with the write-up, rather than with getting hold of the show. If it is, let me know...

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