Friday, 8 August 2008

Damage control

It appears that at 3.30pm this very afternoon, a suspicious package was found around exit D of Causeway Bay MTR station, on the Island Line (blue line). Some helpful bobby spotted it and had the place evacuated, in case some nutter was trying to in some way sabotage the Olympic Games held 1,225 miles (1972 km) away in Beijing. They closed off exits D, E and F, but trains were unaffected.

The Bomb Disposal team arrived, used a robot to make a controlled explosion, and blew it to small pieces. Nothing but remnants of fireworks came out, so the good-natured coppers took the little bits away to study at their leisure.

It was found to contain homemade fireworks about 7 inches long covered in sticky tape, nothing more. A quick risk assessment found the collection to have been pretty harmless, apart from the obvious danger of these mini rockets going off in a crowded underground train station.

There was no warning by people making it out to be a bomb, no message on the fireworks, no indication at all that it was owt to do with bombs, Olympics, terrorists or in fact anything but someone having left some fireworks by exit D by accident.

So can everyone stop saying that Hong Kong is a major security risk and we’re going to get protests, bombings, trouble at Mill, the whole nine yards? What have we got to do wi the damn Games anyway, apart from holding a few equestrian events? Does anyone really believe Beijing gives two shits if we get bombed over here anyway? Seriously? Then I guess you have no idea how Hong Kong and Beijing actually work. After all, Hong Kong is a Special Administrative Region with a different language, different currency, a different government and, lest we forget, a Human Rights record.

That shallot. Annoyed now. So it’s good night from me, and it’s good night from her.

Source: This report from Yahoo HK news (in Chinese, sorry).

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weenie said...

Yay, Team GB have won two gold medals now! Any coverage over there?

Soupdragon said...

Coverage? Invasively constant. Interest on my part? Decidedly non-existent.


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