Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Two things:

(1) Just time to plug this one:

Title: “A Week With No Hunt”

Rating: Rated K+
Dean’s bored, Sam’s trying to find a gig. A very, very short bit of fun before I go nuts with Writer’s Block.
Posted first (as always) at

I do not own the TV show ‘Supernatural’ either in whole or in part, but I wish I could write episodes full time. Or get a life. Or both.

(2) And I’m off to the ‘Supernatural’ convention. Have to go to Hong Kong Station right now to check my bags in, in fact. So as I can go to work, finish at 7pm, and then go straight off to the airport. Marvellous!

Hot fudge, here comes the judge, there’s a green card in the way! The Holy Ghost and the whole East Coast is movin’ to LA! We been dreaming of this feeling since 2008 - oh yeah, things have gotta change - I’m going to LA ~ to stroke me some Winchester!!

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