Thursday, 23 April 2009

Does this look like spam?

Ok, what's going on with Google mail? Why has it been putting some of my mates' mails in my spam folder? These mates are frequent conversation partners and have never been bumped by me to the spam folder - so what gives? How and why did I come to discover half of mail was not being read by me?

Interesting that you should ask (not you, the other me. The one that reads this and wonders why I can't spell). Suddenly, within the last week, I've had close to 15 spam mails a day arriving in my spam folder. These are the usual obvious bits of shite - penis enhancements (either mine's so small or I don't seem to have one - but everyone keeps sending me these, so perhaps I should get one), viagra, National Bank of Scamsville trying to give me money, churches in China trying to give me money, National Lottery winning notifications, yadda yadda yadda.

I used to get about three a week. Now I'm attracting the kind of numbers of which the entire population of Hong Kong Island would be proud. It's not funny, or big, or clever. And it's not normally a problem - until I find I have to wade through them to check if I've missed an actual, real mail - from someone on my contact list.

So my apologies if anyone's tried to get hold of me and your mail's been binned by my spam folder's over zealous attempt at clearing up the town of Utter Crapton, but I don't even know who you are or what I've missed. Annoying.

In other news, that lovely fluffy gangly huhh! mountain of muscle, Jared Padalecki, has a new film out today. As I promised him in LA that I would see it should it finally make it to a cinema over here, I have tickets for Saturday night. I look forward to it not being in 3D so I can actually focus on the pictures, instead of pretending I'm not the only one in the theatre whose brain does not do 3D on film.

Peach and lube, people.

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