Thursday, 30 April 2009

Do the door joke again, I dare you

So I was full-on Dean-blubbing about giving up writing. Well boo-friggin’-hoo. Got it together now, and we’re off! Yes folks, I’m back writing like an infinite number of monkeys re-writing Shakespeare. Be greatly afear’t, as I give you my latest:

“When Is A Seal NOT A Seal?”

Rating: Rated T for language and a little unpleasantness concerning knives later on.
SPOILERS FOR S4, up to 4x14. Knives and lives, songs and wrongs, bitches and stitches - and not necessarily in that order. An old friend needs The Boys. But as usual, it isn’t as simple as it first appears.
The OC is my own. They originally appeared in ‘A Helluva Level O’ Malevolence’. This story is not a sequel - the character just re-appears (by popular request. Thanks, you readers, you!).
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I do not own the TV show ‘Supernatural’ either in whole or in part, but I wish I could write episodes full time. Or get a life. Or both.

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