Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Masks and general shite

Been a strange few days at work. Kids all arriving in face masks, having their temperatures tested and their hands sanitised. (Let’s skip over the inherent weakness in expecting kids’ hands to stay sanitised for longer than ten seconds.) Kids all moaning and fiddling with face masks the entire lesson, pretty much mauling them with the hands they’ve just used to rub their eyes (itchy from having hand sanitiser ground into them seconds after they slapped it on their grubby digits). They have to pull them down to speak, cos otherwise I can’t tell what the fuck they’re saying. They have to pull them down every time they need to drink from their little water bottles - cos it is rather hot out, and they’re only wee. So they wipe their mouths with their hands - the previously sanitised ones - and pull up the face mask again, and carry on.

Remind me why they’re supposed to be wearing masks again?

Honestly. I really don’t see the point. But hey, they have to wear them and I have to wear them. It gives them one more excuse to pretend they don’t know what I’m saying, which gives me a good excuse reason to make them do some fucking work, giving em short shrift. It’s killing me - no pun intended. It’s one thing to do it for one day, it’s another to do it for as long as the WHO thinks it’s necessary. I think we should just close down for two weeks and be done with it. But again, it’s not my place to say. So I’ll carry on going to work with 65% of the students just not turning up (in some cases, doing lessons with one kid in each lesson, which begs the question ‘Why can’t they just all come together for one lesson and then I could use the free periods to do some reports?’) and shout through the mask, and get shitty with kids deliberately trying to avoid understanding me. Great.

On a brighter note, ‘Burn Notice’ has been great these past two episodes of season three. I notice we’re getting more Sam Axe in the form of Bruce Campbell - do the writers realise that they broaden the appeal of the show if they give us more Bruce? Looks like it. And we still have Fee, so I’m happy. And Michael’s still Michael, so it’s all good…

Suffering without any new ‘Supernatural’. Keeping myself busy on old ‘Enterprise’ episodes and with the many fic challenges over at SPNVille.net. It’s all go, but doesn’t feel like it. Should get back in the gym, as all that went out the window just before my holiday in March/April. It’s now June and I still haven’t been back yet. Can you say ‘lazy fucker’?

Been spending a lot of time on Twitter recently - when you have Twitterfon on your iPhone it makes it kind of addictive. This week I have mostly been laughing my arse off at @GeneHunt and @BrentSpiner - and the whole story of @mishacollins and his Minions just gets funnier and funnier. And there are all the girls on the @hell_bus that mirror my own smutty thoughts before I can type them. Gotta get that MacSpeak thing I was thinking of buying... Oh wait, might get an iPhone 3G S first...

That shallot. Onion. Stuff to do. Soopytwist.

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