Sunday, 23 August 2009

Fic and a fancake

So chapter five of my ‘Supernatural’ fan-fic Abra-Cadaver has just gone up. Enjoy. It’s got zombies and witches, what more do you want?

Spaceships? Oh, ok then. Finally finished that ‘Enterprise’ fan-fic. Aliens and spaceships and rum, oh my…

“Communication, Dissemination, Obfuscation”

Rating: Rated T
Enterprise answers a distress call and as usual, the crew get more than they bargained for. Archer finds something shiny, Trip finds not everything dreamt is imagined, and T'Pol finds something else. Contains Trip/T’Pol-ness. A wee bit AU - you’ll know where and when.
This is my one and only Star Trek fic of any kind. Written mostly cos I had a bit of a writer’s block going on Supernatural-wise and needed a distraction.
I do not own owt at all to to do with the TV show ‘Star Trek: Enterprise’ either in whole or in part. Except for a cartoon of Trip as my iPhone wallpaper, which came from here.

And that’s all the news that’s fit to print - including some that wasn’t. Got to get myself ready for the fight to the death that is the Sunday day night pub quiz at the Winchester.

But woah woah woah, hang on, I did promise you fancake. So here we go - four in one:

I do have one more thing to add, though. How annoying is that I have about six different names on Tinternet (MardyLass, Soupdragon, TozaBoma, alt_Toza, akfsnut, etc. etc. etc.), these days? Must do summat about that. Soon.


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