Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Sorry, what?

Had two dentist's appointments in two weeks. Didn't run around screaming blue murder the first time, as my mate was outside in the waiting room and I could never let myself put on such a deplorable performance in front of others.

Second appointment? Well, let's just say it took three hours for one root canal and the putting in of a post (which will receive a crown next week, as long as I don't bottle it). Mainly because the purr wee dentist (very nice lady. Awfully nice) had to stop and let me 'take a rest' twice because I was shaking so badly it was, quite frankly, dangerous to continue with sharp implements in my mouth.

So anyway, I've done two of four visits now. Feeling fucking proud of myself, considering my odontophobia. Nearly killed off all of my knuckles, my shoulders, my neck, my jaw muscles ("I'm going to put this rest block in your mouth. Don't bite it. Don't bite it!" IF YOU DIDN'T WANT ME TO BITE IT, WHY DID YOU PUT IT IN MY MOUTH?) and I think my right baby finger is still a little numb from have the life squeezed out of it by my bully of a left hand, but it'll get over it.

Promised myself I wouldn't rip through all of ‘Farscape’, and thankfully, have managed to stop myself from finishing season four just yet. There's only one episode to go. Must make sure I keep it fert weekend.

Won two pub quizzes. Not bad.

Supernatural’ season five premiers this week. Can't wait, obviously.

Be back later, folks. Too tired now. Time for bed, said Zebedee.

Peach and lube.

Hmmmm..... Definitely peach and lube.

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