Monday, 14 December 2009

Storm Warriors

Aaron Kwok, wewungwung and the Pang Brothers. Sold.

Bought tickets, got to the cinema, fucking loved it. It has without doubt the most epicly beautiful scenes of wewungwung ever filmed.

It’s not the same as the first one - Storm Riders (and the name change for number two comes due to some argument over the rights to the title, I believe). It’s bigger, bolder, brasher, and of course, has more CGI. The brothers Pang obviously watched 300 about three hundred times and made copious notes. They did it well - aesthetically stunning with cinematography to die for. They left quite a few threads hanging at the end, so hopefully there will be another sequel at some point. As long as Bo Ging-Wan is back in the form of Aaron Kwok, I’ll be there. And if they could possibly find a way for Charlene Choi’s character to die, that’d be great.

My, my, Bo Ging-Wan, what a large sword you have.

At this point I have to point out that I'm jealous how amazing Aaron Kwok's wig looks. I wish my (real) hair did that.

Oh yes, almost forgot - Cheng Yi-Kin was back, too, as Nip Fung. His hair was also a main cast member, but not as impressive as Aaron's.

And I do have to point out that while Bo Ging-Wan (Aaron Kwok) was clad in far too many layers for most of the film, he did at least get his top off for some gratuitous sword practice for a few moments. It was worth the wait.

And that's about it. It's crazy late here and I just want to go to bed. Hopefully, I'll see you all again sooner than we think.

Peach and lube, everyone!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~


Four Dinners said...

Do they have sub-titles or have you a friend who dubs them in a Manc accent?....;-)

mirror-angel02 said...

I caught it here in Malaysia about two days ago... Already itching to watch it again, loved it to pieces - almost more than I loved the first one. They just don't make wuxia like this anymore - where the focus is on the kung-fu and not so much the flowy-flowy robes and pretty girls(@_@)... Plus, the fact that Ekin is back (and Aaron) and Ekin's hair is still as come hither as ever, makes the experience 10 times better...^_^ Love, love, love...!

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