Tuesday, 23 February 2010


It’s been busy, I’ll not deny that. Working and doing extra students after work kind of takes up all your free time. Then there’s New Colleague at work who turns out to be as much of an alcohol monster as I am, so there was the double whammy footie on Saturday night down the Winchester - which ended up with a rather hammered taxi home. And then the Sunday night quiz that we won. Which was nice. But rather bittersweet was the fact that it was our last quiz with She Who Shall Be Listened To, as she leaves fert UK tomorrow. Seems everyone gravitates toward home sooner or later.

I’m happy she’s happy, but I’m a little sad - oh, alright, gutted - to see her go. I’ve always thought of her as my conscience (in a good way), and I’ve always looked up to her. And let’s not forget, she introduced me to the pub quiz a long time ago. So it’ll be weird to go down there and not see her at the table. Very strange indeed.

But hey ho, time moves on and so do we.

Saw ‘The Wolfman’ last night. It were alright. Standard werewolf / black and white / Lon Chaney/Bela Lugosi ‘The Wolf Man’ remake kind of fare, but very well done and the cast were ace. Nice to see Art Malik knocking about again, and Hugo Weaving will always be a personal hero of mine.

Woke up this morning on a mission to crack my imaging/macro’ing software, only to waste two hours finding out no-one can actually make it work. Fuck and bugger, eh. Went off to work, walking down the stone steps to my building as I only live six floors up and it’s that or wait for the lift to arrive. Why bother when you can just walk it, eh? So I began walking it, noticing the place were all shiny wet from the humidity we’ve been hit with this morning, and… You know what’s coming next, right? Yeah. Guess who went arse-over-tit even though she did her best not to? Yeah, that’ll be me arse-surfing the last four steps to the fifth floor then. Nice.

Is there an Olympic event for arse-surfing stone steps? Should be. I could surf for England. UK. ‘Team GB’. Whatever. And no, people, ‘medal’ IS NOT A FUCKING VERB.

So anyway, that’s pretty much been my week. Oh, apart from fun and frolics on Twitter. The usual swearing, ranting, perving and sharing porn. Well, girlie porn. Examples of which follow on from this very paragraph:

Been hit with news that one of the Best Damn Shows In Existence, namely Supernatural, is getting a sixth series. This bit of yay!ness comes with a disclaimer though: Eric Kripke is reportedly not helming it so much as casting an eye over the goings-on from afar. Fair enough - he did state when the whole machine started turning that he had a five-year arc, and that was that. And if Sera Gamble does indeed step up to run things, it’ll mean she’ll have gone from background producer bird to full-time showrunner. Not bad at all, in my book. The only thing I worry about is how you can top the apocalypse storyline they’re apparently wrapping up. I have no idea how season five (current one) is going to finish or who or what will survive. I can only hope and pray to the TV Gods that it doesn’t go all Russell T Davies batshit frelling stupid on account of having to ‘go out with a bang’ to grab ratings. I mean, let’s face it, they’ve been low-key and under-the-radar subtly awesome for five seasons so far - we don’t need Tinkerbell Jesus moments to fuck it up.

And a series arc for season six? Who knows. I don’t even WANT to know until it begins airing. I don’t do spoilers, as you well know.

Similarly we get Doctor bloody Who series… whatever in April, apparently. New trailer should be hitting the BBC UK-only website (and YouTube) about Saturday, I hear. Can’t wait. I have heard from a reliable source (he’s Welsh) that we have a few surprised re: Doctor Four in store. Blink-and-you’ll-miss-them surprises, but still.

Oh, and went to the gym tonight and all. Done really well, I think.

Soopytwist, then.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

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Four Dinners said...

Sorry you're losing your pal. Still. In memory of the good times you will now have to drink two drinks at a time. One for you and one for her. Could be fun!!!

Don't know about arse surfing but falling headfirst downstairs after copious voddy's is a well practised sport in my abode.

Trepidation over the Doc.

Still. I felt that when Eccleston sadly went after only one session and I didn't really know much about the Ten Man.

The young chap must be given the chance to grow into it - and I shall undoubtedly grow into him.

er...I'll rephrase that...

oh you know what I mean!

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