Friday, 12 February 2010

On Rubbing Lucky Cats

So it’s Chinese New Year on Sunday, and a while ago I thought about a story I could write for the ‘Supernatural’ universe. Yes, it involves tigers. Yes, it involves The Boys in undercrackers. That’s just how I roll:

Title: “On Rubbing Lucky Cats”

Rating: Rated T for language. And gratuitous pussy-stroking.
It’s a special day and The Boys don’t even know it. Isn’t it about time they had some good luck? A two-parter for the new year soon upon us!
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I do not own the TV show ‘Supernatural’ either in whole or in part, but I wish I could write episodes full time. Or get a life. Or both.

And it looks like I’m done. Going back to watch last night’s episode again (Ben Edlund, how you claw at my heart!) and maybe do one of them LOLrecaps I’ve been tempted into lately.

Cheers m’dears~ Stick a fork in me, it’s been grand.



Four Dinners said...

Now why would we want to stick four candles in you?...;-)

Rubber cats?...You are a worry you know...;-)

Passed my ADI Part I today. Part II soon and then I'm a fully qualified driving instructor.

Oh dear...

Soupdragon said...

YAY for 2 Ronnies jokes - and YAY for ADIs... Cos I'm not actually living in the UK right now. Just kidding! Go team!

Just remember to keep singing. "It's cold outside, there's no kind of atmosphere, I'm all alone, more or less...."


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