Sunday, 18 April 2010

I can has muppets nao?

It's the 100th episode of Supernatural!

And so, ineluctably, it fell to me to do another LOLcap. It was my PLEASURE.

1. It’s a LOLcap, like the others I’ve done.
2. None of the people, characters, plots or owt belong to me. It’s all The God Who Is Eric Kripke’s, baby.
3. Your Mileage May Vary regarding the humour and/or motivations of characters herein. Please comment if you feel the need.
4. It’s close to 135 caps, so yes, IT WILL EAT YOUR DIAL-UP.
5. Distribute, disseminate, share, RT and generally pimp the link to this page wherever you want - but please do not nick my icon or pretend you made these macros. Each episode takes me nearly five hours - for a short recap. And this one was looooong. (If anyone wants raw caps, just ask and I'll send them.)
6. There is no number 6.
7. Most of the fangirl-flailing was caused by Ackle-eptic fits. (Damn you Jensen Ackles! Just pick up your Oscar and stop making me cap twice as much as I need to!)

On with the show!

Don’t click the pic if you don’t want to be completely and in every way spoiled for episode 5x18!


1 comment:

Four Dinners said...

I saw that Supernatural fella in an old movie on SKY the other day. He was the nutter in 'My Bloody Valentine'.

I am getting to grips with Matt Smith. I think he may well prove to be a bit special as the Doc.

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