Monday, 12 April 2010

We can be findin God nao?

Whoa. This took me over a week, what with one thing and another. Only just seen 5x17, so now there's that to LOLcap before the mahoosively hyowj event that is the 100th Supernatural episode airs on Thursday 15th April (ok, Friday morning for me...).

Anyway, here we go again (rather late, I know). Usual blurb:

1. It’s a LOLcap, like the others I’ve done.
2. None of the people, characters, plots or owt belong to me. It’s all The God Who Is Eric Kripke’s, baby.
3. This recap contains a veritable fountain of obscure references. If you get any, I’ll be giggling for a week.
4. Your Mileage May Vary regarding the humour and/or motivations of characters herein. Please comment if you feel the need.
5. Most of the fangirl-flailing was caused by Ackle-eptic fits.

On with the show! Don’t click this cut if you don’t want to be completely and in every way spoiled for Supernatural episode 5x16!


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