Monday, 24 May 2010

We can has Reverse Stanford Manoeuvre nao pls?

Bloody hell, this took ages. First I had two weeks with no day off at work, which meant I couldn’t even re-watch the damn episode for about a week (probably a good thing). Then I had a book to write (still going on that one), and then the longer it went not done, the less I wanted to do it.

But then I heard The Song on the recap at the start of the episode and I knew what I had to do…

So, for the last time… Here we go.

Don’t click this linky-link-link-pic if you don’t want to be completely and in every way spoiled for Supernatural episode 5x22!

And NOW I'm exhausted. I look back at all those LOLcaps and think... Damn, that was fun!


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