Sunday, 13 February 2011

Sherlock and Watson vs Doctor Ten?

Ok, not really a straight versus, more of a working together. Kind of. Yes, it’s another fic. I know, it’s another Doctor Who fic, but this is my first (and only) Sherlock (2010) fic - if you don’t count the one I did for Jeremy Brett when I was about nine years old.

Off we go:

“The Adventure of the Missing Candlestick”

Rating: Rated K+ for use of weapons and the occasional naughty word.
Sherlock and Watson miss some finding but find something missing - after they bump into a rather weird doctor who insists he’s from outside the EU.
I do not own Sherlock Holmes, Doctor Watson (past or present), Doctor bloody Who, the BBC, or in fact owt but the MacBook Air I typed this on. All I hope to gain from this is a single reader who thinks reading this is a better use of their time than watching repeats on telly. Which, obviously, you can’t bank.


Also posted at An Archive Of Our Own because they don’t reformat it a year later without bloody telling you.

And that shallot. Onion. Off to finish some icons.

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