Monday, 21 November 2011

Made it!

Thank you Chicago, for getting me through Passport Control in a record 55 minutes! That’s the fastest landfall I’ve ever made in the States. Thanks also to the pilot of the Cathay flight, who got us from Hong Kong to Chicago 90 minutes ahead of schedule. Yes, you read that right. Jet streams, apparently.

This means I made my connecting flight and have arrived safely in Orlando. The villa is ace, the weather is great, and so far, everything’s worked out ok. Even my Apple charger attachments fit side by side in the same electrical socket, and my Yorkshire teabags survived.

Tomorrow: fishing. In some big boat. Apparently we’re about to catch Godzilla-fish that take 20 minutes of weight training to land. I’m not so worried about the fishing as the sun on a boat. *adopts Martha Jones voice*: Me, on a boat, in the sun.


Holidays, eh? So worth it.

Peach and lube, people. Peach and frelling lube.

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