Monday, 14 May 2012

OK vs okay: I’m so tired of this war, it’s not even funny

Many people write. Many people use their favourite version of this word. I’m constantly told that I’m wrong, using ‘OK’ (or ‘ok’) instead of ‘okay’. 

Three words: FUCK. RIGHT. OFF.

Reason? When I was small and I went to school, it was only ever ‘ok’. Having grown up and continued writing stories, and then going into fan fiction - and now trying journalism - I’ve stayed with ‘ok’. Why? Because, like everyone will tell you, you CHOOSE ONE SPELLING SYSTEM AND STICK TO IT.

I favour the OED. I make no apologies; I’m English and I’m probably one of the few people who regard it as the last bastion of standard, regular, proper British English. Everyone else can use what they want; it doesn’t matter to me how other people spell it, because they’re from a different background or upbringing or education system or continent. It’s completely fine, whatever they choose to use.

But do not tell ME what I should use. I’ve chosen to keep with (my own country’s) English spelling system and there’s not a single thing you can do about it. Telling me I’m wrong whilst trying to make me change to YOUR idea of what’s ‘right’ is about as effective as trying to tell me atheism is bad for me because I’m going to burn in Hell. Yeah, think about THAT statement for a moment. Because yes, people have actually said that to me. You can imagine my pithy response.

That is all.

~ ~

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