Friday, 21 December 2012

Burn Notice Season 6 Finale

Warning! Danger, Will Robinson!
Here be SPOILERS for the BURN NOTICE series 6 finale!

Here we go then: Jesse and Sam? Fucking heroes. Maddie and Fi? They’re getting real tired of your shit, Michael.


MICHAEL FUCKING WESTEN, I SHOULD PUNCH YOU. REPEATEDLY. You ‘made a deal’, did you? Looks like YOU TOOK A FUCKING JOB, SUNSHINE. I see that non-Westen suit and the way everyone’s so pally with you. I see you telling grunts what to do. I see you finding, quite fortuitously, that now you’re back in you can secure the release of all your mates. WASN’T THAT A CRAZY RANDOM HAPPENSTANCE OF BEING EXACTLY WHAT YOU WANT and also finding a way to get them all off? WASN’T IT.

You lied, Michael. Either you lied when you told Fi it would all be over, or you lied when you ‘made a deal’ to get them out. EITHER WAY, YOU’RE A LYING LIAR WHO LIES and now it’s going to be really hard to watch S7 next summer and believe anything you say. You just keep piling it on, don't you son? You keep shooting yourself in the foot. Why didn’t you just do some time, get out, and be with Fi? What's stopping you from having a happy ever after at last?

Well, studio execs ordering another season. I get that.

BUT SERIOUSLY. He could have engineered a way out. He didn’t just kick Fi in the feels, he put on football boots and took a run up.

If I were Fi I’d cut off all contact with him and leave Miami. For my own good. Yes, she’ll never find anyone she wants more than Michael. But it’s clear that he is STILL unable to put what others want over what HE wants. They WANTED to battle it out; he chose for them. Your mother was right, Michael - it’s not a dictatorship, it’s a friendship. And you just blew it out of the water.

If I’ve got this wrong and he’s simply going to prison - then you have seriously disappointed me, Michael. You’ve had your ups and downs, but I’ve always seen why. This time? You didn’t trust your team; YOU DIDN’T TRUST YOUR TEAM.


Anonymous said...

Ur a fucking retard. He promised Sam he'd make things right.
That's exactly what he's doing weather he gets locked up, or got a job back in, he got every else out, and everyone is ok, HE DID WHAT HE HAD TO DO TO KEEP HIS PROMISE TO SAM, U dumb fuck. They are a team and he listened to his team, Fiona is mad, but whatever he did, he did it because it was best for the entire team

Anonymous said...

if you guys paid any attention he made the deal to get fi out of prison so the all the way up to now has been an undercover operation by the CIA to get rid of traitors

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