Friday, 15 February 2013

Finally a fic


Said I couldn't do it.

I did.

Back in July, I said I couldn't finish it.

I did.

Title: A Study in Shapeshifting

Rating: Rated T (for naughty words).
Sam and Dean track down what they think is a shapeshifter. Problem: it’s now in London. Bigger problem: two strange but well-meaning gentlemen think they can help. Two strange but well-meaning gentlemen called Sherlock Holmes and Doctor John Watson.
I do not own The CW, Warner Bros., the BBC or any of their characters. This is all for fun, not for profit. Unless you add me to any favourites lists or leave comments. Then I profit in the knowledge that someone thinks it’s pretty good. For those about to read, I salute you.
It's HERE at An Archive of Our Own (because they don’t re-edit your stuff later) and HERE at Fanfiction dot net (because some people still use that place) and, despite all the formatting woes, HERE at (really haven’t been there in too long).

Chapter 1 has just been posted; 10 more to go over the next few weeks or so. If you do happen to give it a quick read, then thank you very much.

~ ~ ~

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