Friday, 11 October 2013

Remington Steele re-opening - as a SITCOM?

1st: The original show was so bloody good because it was drama, a bit of sly wit, excellently-cast leads and GOOD WRITING. (Well, apart from some of series 5, but hey.) Unless they get someone like, say, Amber Tamblyn (Casey Shraeger!) to be ‘the daughter’, and some really good supporting people, it’s going to tank.

2: Premise. You no longer need a man’s name on the door to get yourself a job. Her ‘mother’ had to - that was a previous generation, by definition. So come up with another reason go the female head route. I know - it really doesn’t matter she’s a daughter, it’s just that she’s a lot like her mother. They could even steal the Moonlighting pilot and say poor daughter has no money (just for fun, this show lead could NOT be one of the well-off leads, with all her needs catered for - especially in today’s US climate. Just that alone would resonate with a lot of the audience). Perhaps she needs to re-open the agency because she needs money, and no-one will hire her, and she’s desperate, and thinks she’s can do this business lead thing. She could be the boss, but she’d need a team under her - perhaps two or three people. (Could we make them 50% men, please?)

3. Comedy. I’d say a little bit is fine, but what I really mean is WIT. Snappy lines like the come-backs you get on Community, solid writing like The Blacklist or Burn Notice. I thought the US was incapable of doing good, ‘old-fashioned’ proper wit, until I saw Community. Come on, people - do Olivia Holt a service.

And that’s about it. I’m not against the idea of the show ‘returning’ (even though this is more like ST:TNG and TOS than a reboot) but it has to be done right - OBVIOUSLY.

Just sayin’.


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