Saturday, 7 March 2015

New Fic Alert

Yeah, it was always on the horizon, wasn't it? Well here we go, anyway. Enjoy.

Title: Happy Families

Rating: Rated T\Teen and Up for fights, a bit of blood, suggestive suggestions of suggestiveness and John’s swearing.

A case brings itself to the mill house and John, Chas and Zed are thrown up against demons, corporations, their own instincts and even Spanish. Special guest appearance by Manny. Set just after episode 10, Saint of Last Resorts part 2, so contains spoilery references. Episodicly canontastic.

I do not own Constantine or any of the characters (if I did, they’d get as many seasons as Supernatural, and there’d be more Hellblazer and less New 52). I DO NOT condone smoking anything in any form. This is all for fun, not for profit. Unless you add me to any favourites lists or leave comments. Then I profit in the knowledge that someone thinks it’s pretty good.

Characters: John Constantine, Zed Martin, Chas Chandler, an OC or few and Manny. Demons, witches, some bodily damage and hurt/comfort.

Linky-link-link: HERE at An Archive of Our Own under my name TozaBoma (because they don’t re-edit your stuff later) and HERE at Fanfiction dot net under my name Mardy Lass.

If you even visit the page, I thank you.

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