Thursday, 23 February 2006


Today I've been inspired by the untouchable writings at the Devil's Kitchen ~ one day when I grow up I want to be half as informed and eloquent as they. But one article stopped me dead in my tracks and had me seething. No, it wasn't written by them, but rather a link to this story in the Guardian that they turned up. I agree with all Tiny Judas' comments on this sad turn of events.

No wait, did I just say "sad turn of events"? Fuck me, I'm turning into another Englisher. What I meant to say, what I should have said, is "how much longer are people going to let this go on?" How can police just stand by and watch this happen, let fitba "fans" (who I don't believe for a nano-second are really there for any sport besides hooliganism) attack AN AMBULANCE? Obviously these thugs have no shame, and just need to be shot. And I mean that most sincerely folks. Pushing at an ambulance, shouting taunts like "Munich scum", they should have been grabbed by the back of the neck and forced into the tarmac, held down by some copper's boot until such time as they stopped protesting, and then marched away. And shot.

Not to draw comparisons, but "snakeheads" (slave traders) and triads in Chinese waters are given just this treatment. Why? Because they deserve it. There's no malice in it, no torture, no enjoyment by the officials. They are ruled undeserving of life and sorted out swiftly and even, dare I say it, humanely, treated with far more consideration than those bastards showed poor Alan Smith (who wasn't even alive in 1958, if you want to get technical) and the team of ambulance workers. At the end of the day, these thugs should have been arrested (yes! Every fucking one o them!) and charged for attacking an ambulance ~ which I once thought would have been exempt from malice, seeing how it SAVES LIVES. The rest, like hurling abuse at the occupants, endangering the lives of the paramedics, causing a public disturbance, etc. etc. should be added on top of their crimes in justification for having already shot the fuckers for daring to attack an ambulance ~ while it was giving care or not.

So no, there's no photo posted here today, and no smiley endings. I'm too fucked off with the whole thing to even consider ending this on a high note. Have em shot, make the world a better place, and stop genuine Liverpool fans getting any retaliation. I may be a Manc, but I feel badly for the real Liverpudlians (see? I'm so upset I'm being nice and calling them Liverpudlians, and not scousers).

I'm off to read the Emerald Bile, to see if they have anything on this. And just to make me feel better by reading their sweary take on the world.


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