Friday, 24 February 2006

Why did I even bother getting out of bed?

Today has been a complete disaster ~ got up (first mistake), found my dole cheque had come through't post. Had a bath (actually a success, as got hot water and lay there listening to , and on me iPod), dressed as warmly as humanly possible and then braved the biting winds and sleet to walk all't way to the Post Office to cash it. Got to the PO, it were shut. Damn! How could they be fucking shut? Don't they realize I need that money? And a can only be cashed in one place? Not impressed.

I have to say my favourite tracks from "Whatever People Say I Am, That's What I'm Not" have to be From the Ritz to the Rubble, Mardy Bum, and Still Take You Home. They're just class lyrics and fab choons. Anyway, then half-walked, half-jogged t' bus stop to wait 25 minutes for a bus that never came… I ask you, when you're standing there in the freezing cold wi nowt but a fitba scarf and an iPod to keep you warm against the biting winter wind, do you really need long-distance Spanish and Italian truck drivers flashing their lights, honking their horns and waving out o windows at you? Actually, it did make me smile ~ and if you were one of them cheeky chappies driving the low-loader wi an army tank on the back, wey-hey, and why didn't you stop, you tease?

Anyway, as the bus still hadn't arrived 25 mins after the advertised time, I were left to walk 20 mins back down the road to me dad's house. Why was I getting the bus t' Big Town in't first place? To buy a plane ticket to Hong Kong, that's why. The shop closed at 5pm, so relatives were then roped into giving me a lift to beat deadline. We arrived at 4.50pm ~ and even as I was trying the unexpectedly stiff door handle, the girlie still working there in semi-darkness told me the place were shut. Shut? Shut? WTF? I gestured to the clock in her own shop, proudly displaying ten minutes to closing time, but she just shrugged an "I'm afraid, no" gesture. To say I were annoyed would be understating matters.

But anyway, there's always the joy of getting home to remember that you still have some lovely DVDs to watch. Or you can just re-read the Trainspotting book and imagine him voicing Renton all the way through. Or look at the above picture of Max Beesley looking every inch the lovely in posh police togs. Speaking of looking lovely, did you see Hotel Babylon last night? Charlie (the exceptionally lovely ) was on fine form ~ especially enjoyed the moment in episode 6 where he announces to the hotel that he's seeing Jacquie the head of housekeeping ~ the look on Anna's face was priceless. Never did like her, but as I slowly get to know more about her, I find that I'm understanding her more and hating her less. Mostly cos I know Charlie's safe from her meddling clutches at the moment.

Talking of the very lickable ~ ahem, likeable ~ Max Beesley, he's currently the world's 71st sexiest man (according to this New Woman's magazine article, from a lovely Japanese blog). I must say I'm surprised ~ why is he not in the top 20 then, eh? Or Ewan McGregor ~ speaking of which, this is a FAB picture site for him.

That's it I think ~ feeling better now I've warmed up and had an excuse to look through my somewhat small collection of Max photos. And there's the fact that I'm off to Bath tomorrow for a real mother of a pish-up weekend. Goodnight, sleep tight, and I'll see you all again very soon.


The Great Swifty said...

When you mention the Ewan DVDs... do you include the Star Wars prequels too...?

Soupdragon said...

Absolutely not!! The only proper Star Wars DVDs are the early ones, LOL...
Although I have been guilty of watching Star Wars 3 just to hear his Sir Alec impression. :)

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