Sunday, 19 February 2006

May the Force be with you...

So what's been happening in my little world over the weekend? Well, apart from spending a futile few hours trying to help my mates burp the word "beer", not a lot. Oh, watched The Mummy again, and the concluding part of the historic V mini-series (except we're not convinced it's really the last part, as loads of stuff has yet to happen), finished off the vodka and thought about how to spend my last 2 or so weeks in England.

Did you see the Liverpool v Man U match on Saturday? Now you know I have to root for the home side, even though MAN UTD ARE EVIL AND MUST BE PUNISHED, because, well, the other side are scousers. It's that simple. So I was less than impressed with the commentator's constant verbal attacks and slights against Man U, while Liverpool were "storming" and "rampant" and just plain fucking sun-out-their-arses brilliant. They kept going on about how Man U are behind in the league, about how they're crap and slipping away, about how there's no way in nine circles of Hell they could pull their fingers out and win any league, much less stay in the European Cup. But of course Liverpool are just fan-dabby-dosey, they're fucking ace, they're untouchable saints that can do no wrong. Despite the fact that they're fouling people left right and centre and diving for England.

Listening to their sycophantic carping on just makes me want to throw something at the TV and start screaming abuse at them ("Abuse! Abuse!"). Ah fuck it, can't be arsed. But I was horrified to see poor Alan Smith trip over that blade o grass and smash his own leg into pieces. Poor wee lamb went down so heavily and awkwardly he dislocated his ankle and the force of it caused his leg to break too. Obviously ont wrong side of Force there, weren't he? Don't know what's going to happen to him now, but he's apparently had an operation this morning, and after 3 or so days he'll be back at home with his leg in plaster for about 6 weeks. Then comes the physio and actual walking and bending bit. I don't envy him, poor bastard. Still, hope he gets back to his old self again ASAP.

On a completely different note, spent an hour watching that new(ish) Star Trek series, Enterprise. I'd be lying if I said I were watching it for anything other than the engineer, who appears to be called 'Trip'. Must be amusing being called after a mis-hap. Anyway, he has this drawling-type southern US accent and it's luuuuuuurvely. He' s not bad either. Interesting to see that the Star Trek creators have learnt their lesson, and instead of covering up all their actors (as in The Next Generation and, my favourite, Deep Space Nine), they've gone back to the good-old Kirk days of ripping your shirt off and exposing a bit of real talent. I have to say I'd be a regular viewer of Enterprise if Trip got a bit of uniform off every week. Or yes. That's why he's the pic of the day there.

That's it, semi-rant over, time to go bed and sleep off my weeny hangover. I say weeny ~ I obviously didn't try hard enough. Bye folks, sleep tight, and I'll see you all again very soon.


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