Thursday, 16 February 2006

Sci-fi, Mars, the Long Way Round…

Everyone here knows I'm all for arsing about on the net and basically wasting time ~ and let's face it, recently that's all I've had to do anyway. So here's something someone sent me by e-mail: a sci-fi crew test! You take the behavioural / personality test to see which ship from loads of different sci-fi shows you should be living on... Try it HERE.

I can't believe I came up as Babylon 5! WTF? I watched one episode and decided it were crap ~ I've always been a Deep Space Nine person (you can tell, right?). Talking of TV, the BBC are supposed to be releasing their "drama" series Life On Mars on DVD around October this year ~ I won't hold me breath. Apparently they've already got a second season in writing, so I don't really know what to expect now. We're up to episode 6 of 8 ~ will Sam get home? Will DCI Hunt get his own appreciation webpage? I hope so ~ the one-liners he comes out with are worthy of their own fan club, honestly. Can you imagine a copper today (even in the greatest city in the UK, Manchester) shouting "If I find one scratch on that car when I come out, I'll come round to your house and stamp on all your toys!" to a bunch o kids playing in the street? Fantastic... Kind o reminiscent of Remy McSwain’s “Now if you do anything to my car ~ if you even get your fingerprints on the paintwork ~ they [the arriving patrolmen] are gonna beat the everlivin’ shit out of you”. But who would win in a street fight, DCI Gene Hunt or Lt. Remy McSwain? There’s only one way to find out! FIGHT!!!

Did you see that programme, the Long Way Round? 2 blokes get on their motorbikes and ride from London to New York (yes, they fly from Russia to Alaska). They seem to have more fun stopping and meeting people to do wi bikes than actually riding, although they do comment on how amazing that is too. They have their dramas and their jokes, and it’s compelling watching even though I’m not a biker. Oh, who are the 2 blokes? Charley Boorman and Ewan McGregor. Yes, that Charley Boorman. He is a funny bloke, I’ve got to say, and more than a tad crazy. And Ewan’s just nice to look at (exhibit A, left) .

I’m still bummed about not being able to watch the last episode of Hotel Babylon, but I’ll guess I can wait till the DVD comes out. If it does. That’ll be next year at best ~ the BBC are nothing if not slower than an asthmatic ant carrying heavy shopping.

Anyway, ‘scuse me while I continue listening to Franz Ferdinand and trying to get the internet to work. I tell you, UK broadband has to set a record for the slowest run speed in the world.


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