Friday, 17 February 2006

Cavaliers on Cannabis

Try to keep your eyes on this text, and off his arse. For now. Ahem. Where was I? Oh, yeah. I shit you not, I found out tonight that the famous painting of the Laughing Cavalier (who isn't actually laughing, more of just kind of smirking) was painted on a hemp canvas. Yep, that means he's "on" cannabis ~ or hemp, another name for mostly the same thing. Want to know how I found this out? Go on, course you do ~ I was watching Qi. Isn't Stephen Fry fab? He should be annoying cos he seems to know everything about everything, but actually he has never annoyed me. I don't know why ~ maybe cos he's gay. Women seem to find gay men alright, no matter what they're supposed to have done wrong. When people talk about him I always think "awww, he's just lovely and harmless".

Anyway ~ and keeping your eye on this text still ~ he also told the story of someone having been in a dreadful accident ~ but of course it was also horrendously funny. He said he knew of a guy who had been on his lawnmower cutting his lawn, and his foot went under the blades. Now that's bad enough, right? The thought of the poor bloke diligently cutting away, minding his own business, taking good care of his no doubt otherwise well-cared for garden… when, WHOOPS! And as if that didn't already have us cringing, what came next had us shrieking with laughter ~ I know, it's bad, and we shouldn't have, but it was the way Mr Fry recounted the story.

The now-liberated toe shot up and took his eye out.

Now, now! Stop laffing! You can't blame me for howling with guilty laughter when you lot (well, my one reader, anyway) are just as bad…

Anyway, it got me thinking, and I realized I really should get my hair cut, as I'm looking like a gayer-than-usual Luke Skywalker right now. I know what you're thinking ~ how can that have reminded me to get my hair cut? Well maybe I'm just an all-around strange-o but it did. Anyway, maybe I'll wait another few weeks till I get back to HK, and see if my hairdresser will do it for free. He normally does for services rendered.

Right, now you can remember I haven't left you wi nowt, and I hope you enjoy the lovely big pic of our lovely big friend Mr Max Beesley.
Wey-hey! Get 'em out fer't girls!


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