Sunday, 5 March 2006


Sherlock HolmesAs this is the last entry I'll make before getting ont plane to Hong Kong, I guess I should make it a nice one. So no swearing then, no complaining about the weather or TV. The weather's been crap, the sleet and snow pissing me off left, right and centre, and the fact that I'm only worried about flight socks before I fly tomorrow must tell you how much I'm not going to miss this country. But actually we've had an OK week, TV-wise. They've been repeating the old "Adventures of Sherlock Holmes" TV series, starring Jeremy Brett ~ the greatest Mr Holmes ever. He is Mr Holmes ~ and goes straight into the "Gods" category. Oh, right, let me explain: me and me sisters have a game we play. You know the old "six degrees of Kevin Bacon" game, where you pick an actor or actress and have to connect them to Kevin Bacon through their works? We do that too. We have a better, and much more subjective, game, called "Gods or Favourites".
stunner!Someone starts by giving the name of an actor, and everyone else has to say whether they're an acting god or just a personal favourite. For example, Robert De Niro: God. Dennis Quaid: Favourite. See? Anyway, we were talking about Jeremy Brett, and he's an acting god. Most recently they've shown "The Greek Interpreter" ~ which introduces Dr Watson to his "very much gifted brother" Mycroft Holmes (played by Charles Grey). I have to say this is one of my favourites, as Jeremy Brett never seemed more alive and animated. Although I do love it when he's bored and extremely petulant. When I read the Sir Conan Doyle stories I imagine that it's Jeremy Brett. Even though he passed away in 1995, and didn't actually have a happy time of it, even as he was filming the final episodes of Sherlock Holmes, I will always remember him as the man who sorted out the Red-Headed League, found that the bell-rope was actually a snake, that the man on the bicycle was following the spirited young lady, and every other minor or major triumph he brought about. He's definitely a god then. And yes, I've seen a few Basil Rathbone films, I've watched some lovely old black and white movies about Mr Holmes' exploits, but I've got to say Jeremy Brett is the fabbest Mr Holmes ever. You cannot describe how his changing facial expressions add bizarre twits of interest to the tale of the chase. And back in his slightly earlier years, he was a bit of a stunner. Sharp, bird-like features, a singular wit and yet a lovely man, he's sadly missed.

So, what will I miss about the UK when I'm back in the flat in HK, in about 2 days' time? Er… Give me a minute… There must be something…


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Phil said...

Hey Ms Dragon - you back and you still need help on your quiz team?

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