Friday, 3 March 2006

Benton Fraser: Warrior Mountie!

Here's a good quote from my favourite doctor, Dr Perry Cox (Scrubs): "People aren't chocolates. Do you know what they are mostly? Bastards. Bastard-coated bastards with bastard fillings. But I don't find them half as annoying as I find naive bubble-headed optimists who walk around vomiting sunshine." Isn't that fab? Something to think about, eh.
Changing subjects, did you see Hotel Babylon last night? BORING!!! One, Charlie didn't get ANY kit off ~ and just when, wi about 10 mins to go ~ it looked like he were about to, it all went Pete Tong and he stopped at the Pulling of the Tie. And Reason Two, they padded out a story they could so easily have made fun and exciting. What's wi all the wide shots of London village? Why the fuck would I want to be reminded that the otherwise colourful series is set in that rainy dirty filthy spit of capital-city-status-stealing pit? That and the fact that it were clearly wasting time, when they could have injected so much more action or some of the usual witty dialogue into it. I was left wanting.

We haven't seen much of the guy behind reception, otherwise known as The Gay One, or The Black One, etc. He's lovely, and yet he doesn't get as much screen time as he should. Then there's Gino the bar manager ~ he's great and comes out with his own one-liners that are fab. We want more Gino! This is the guy that blames Charlie for the audit, so he tells Jacquie to tell him there's no sex for't two weeks. Cheeky bugger. He's coming out with some good one-liners these days, almost as amusing as our own DCI Gene ("the Gene-Genie") Hunt. Let's see, what fantastic instant funnies have we had over the 8 episodes? My personal favourite has to be: "There'll never be a woman prime minister so long as I've got hole in me arse!"

People have listed all kinds of reasons why Life On Mars has done so well ~ but my personal belief is that people want TV that's non-PC (no pun intended). People want to hear the old jokes again, the same stuff that made (and still makes) The Sweeney so popular. It's funny, it's got that "I shouldn't be laughing at this these days" feel to it. I wonder if we're starting with a PC backlash.

Also in the amusing TV slot this week, we had an episode of Due South. I haven't watched this in years, but I have to say it were really funny. I never tire of that Canadian bloke ~ he's a Mountie and everything. Anyway, in this particular episode, he went undercover to be a teacher in a girls' school. As a woman. This was of course hilarious right from the outset, as he's about 6 foot of strapping animal-tracker-type-hero. Squeeze him into a dress and a chestnut / auburn long wig, and he starts to bear a remarkable resemblance to Xena, Warrior Princess… Except he was a bit, well, transvestite-looking. (No resemblance, I'm happy to say, to the pic I've got posted here. I just posted this to get blokes' attention like.) He can't help it, he's a bloke wi about size 10 feet, after all. Anyone in New York was probably thinking "perhaps she used to be a bloke, let's just not dwell on it cos she's genuinely nice to everyone". There was a marvellous moment whereby two girls stop him/her in the corridor to be spiteful:

Girl 1: We’re on to you, Miss. We see the way you’re always opening doors for women.
Girl 2: And the way you’re, like, incredibly tall.
Girl 1: And polite.
Girl 2: Totally!
Girl 1: We hear the way you talk.
Girl 2: For sure. You know, you can’t fool us.
Girl 1: We should have known right from the start.
Girl 2: You’re a… Canadian!

I was wetting myself ~ especially when the poor Mountie, all taken-aback by the fact that they hadn't cottoned on to him being a bloke, just says: "Ah, girls? Could we please keep this between ourselves?" They kind of flounce off, making the obligatory remarks about him paying in the long run, etc. But it was a fab moment.

I really should pack my suitcase now. I fly in 3 days and I haven't sorted my life out yet. I might even have to mail some of my DVDs to HK, as not everything is going to fit in my suitcase…

So, peach and lube to you all. Take care, and I'll see you all again very soon.


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