Thursday, 16 March 2006

My kingdom for a ringtone…

Have to just draw your attention to this ~ it's fab… Nice product placement, lads, well done!

Anyway, where were we. Oh right. PCCW came finally and put in my broadband and TV, so as you can see, I've been posting all the stuff I wanted to before but couldn't. Apart from that I've been watching Clive Owen doing BMW commercials. Like this one, all about him being The Driver for someone who's on his way to try and Beat the Devil. Gary Oldman had me in stitches ~ about time he did something wi his real voice on, eh. I always thought he were fab.

Just so as you remember this ent turning into a Clive Owen appreciation page, I'm letting you know I got the Aaron Kwok album today that I've been waiting on fer AGES. Well, since Boxing Day when he sat down and signed it. ("Thanking you".) Now there's a bloke that needs to get his kit off at any and all opportunities. I wish I had some saucy pics, but all I've got is him in his wee vest. Have to do, I suppose. Lovely arms on that man. He's just pulled out o a planned film project cos he's too busy ~ recording new albums, I hope. Not that we've waited or anything mate, but please give us a bit more to go on than 3 new songs every year. We may be patient fans, but that dunt mean we'll be patient forever. Then again, I know I'll rant and rave like he's not good enough, and then when he does bring out summat everything else gets dropped like a hot metal saucepan handle when he finally does get summat released. I should just shut it and wait, eh. After all, he's got this new film ("Father and Son / After This Our Exile") out soon. Hopefully before't end of HK film festival, but we'll have to see.

Which brings me to my Reason Fer't Rant for today: ringtones. As in, mobile phone True Tones, or whatever you call em. I'm fucked off wi all this. I get back to HK and try as I might, I can't find anyone who has Aaron Kwok ringtones, so I'm stuck wi "Flight" on my Samsung D508 right now. Not that I don't like the song, but I was kinda hoping fer "I Buy" or maybe "Dear", the two songs which are my favourite ones right now. But can I find anyone who carries them? Can I fuck. And before you say, "why don't you just transfer the mp3 to your phone?", I can't make my Bluetooth or my e-mail settings work. I'm reyt fucked off wi it all. I went t' Sunday shop yesterday, and was told to get my POP settings from my e-mail account. Riiiiiiiiiight. What's wrong wi taking it to't shop, pointing it at staff and saying "make it work" in a "make the bad man go away" kinda voice? Honestly, that's what they're there for, to pander to me every whim ~ I do pay fer a contract, you understand. Still, at least I have the mp3s to listen to. Well, they're on me iPod Shuffle, so that's close enough.

And THIS is just excellent. You can't beat the writing and general I-may-not-know-about-being-polite-but-I-know-what-I-like attitude. I'm wi him, after some careful consideration. Like The Gene Genie says, if 1 in 20 people you arrest and bang-up are innocent, it means you've arrested 19 fuckers who deserved it. Talking of speaking your mind, if you have Adium X on yer Mac and you want to annoy more people when on messenger programmes (like them people that try to talk you into becoming a prostitute or trying to sell you summat), go to the Adium updates page and look at the extra Applescripts ~ and get yourself the Shakespeare Insult Generator. It's fab. Where else can you get stuff like "eat my knickers, thou tottering boil-brained hedge-pig!" Or even "My finger in thine eye, thou pribbling boil-brained strumpet!" I'm indebted to the blokes that wrote this little Applescript, it's fucking smart by the way.

And that's about all I've got to moan about today, sorry. Except to say ~ if you're my student, I didn't write this. Peach and lube to you all…

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

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