Monday, 29 May 2006

Robbies, Beans, balls n dragons…

Busy week.

Spent Thursday night heaving fer England, caused in part by dodgy coconut-type substances, in part by about seven vodkas, a few beers and several rather questionable garishly coloured shots. Me own fault, really.
Thursday afternoon were right funny though. Back int classroom wi a few wee students, talking about going sightseeing in Hong Kong. Kinda went summat like this:
cue wibbly wobbliness, straightening out to:

Me: Me: So, have you ever been to Ocean Park?
Student: Yes, I have gone to Ocean Park.
Me: [correctin' tone of voice] I have been to Ocean Park.
Student: Oh, I have been to Ocean Park.
Me: [to second student] And what about you? Have you been to Ocean Park?
Student: Yes, I have also gone to Ocean ~
Me: Been.
Student: Sorry sorry, I have also been to Ocean Park.
Me: Ok, care to tell me about it?

Cue another twenty minutes o describing various fairground rides an shite, talking about waiting times ant weather, who they went wi and how long they were there an that. Quite a good chat. But every goddamn time, they'd say "I have gone" in place of "I have been". So, fighting the good fight, I kept correcting em. It were all going swimmingly, and as they're great kids, we were having a bit of a laff later on once the talking lesson were done. Student 1 started arsing around, talking 'bout where he'd been overseas, and of course came out wi "I've gone to Japan a few times", and t'other student chimed in "BEEN!" top o his lungs, an we all fell about laffing. Then Student 1 starts saying "I've gone been! I've gone been!", which made me wet meself laffing, cos I seem to have gone totally Bean recently.
Exhibit A:

Soccer Aid. What a laff that were an all ~ didn't go, obviously, seeing as how it were at Old Trafford and I were working in Hong Kong. Bummer, eh. But Max Beesley didn't play after all, so I guess I didn't miss much. Was looking forward to im getting his legs out, but hey, what can you do? Robbie Williams captaining England, Gordon Ramsey (who I keep calling Harry Ramsden by accident) captaning the Rest of the World XI? Sounds like it were a great match though, and wi a score like England 2, R.O.W. XI 0, a fab time were had by all…

Saw THIS and started worrying. Big Time. I mean, I loved Anne McCaffrey's Pern books ~ absolutely loved em to bits ~ but I'm right worried they're going to fuck up a big screen adaptation. I'm hoping and praying that she has a hand in it and can hopefully somehow control the production to get it book-like and Sam Raimi-fashion. Not like he's directing it ~ ooh, now there's a thought though. Character-driven? Special FX used to aid the characters' stories, not dictate the film? Hmm, definite possibilities there, Mr Raimi, sir. Fingers crossed, eh.

Just time to smash some more barriers and add an entry in the old "now there's something that makes you believe that, deep down, everyone's just basically the same after all" journal. This lovely blog, in Japanese, makes fer very interesting reading. Well, if yer anything like me, you just ogle at t' pictures. Oh yes sir, lovely page is that. Will be keeping me eye on that little puppy.

Peach and lube. Lots and lots of lube.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


granny w said...

soccer aid was very amusing lots of fucked looking celebs being run around by football players! good on them. Maradona's a bit of a cunt tho' he charged £100'000 as opposed to everyone else's £10'000 - too right they made him run all 90 mins and tackled like fuck xxx slugs

Soupdragon said...

He should have donated all that to UNICEF, I thought that were the whole point o the match. Can't believe anyone coughed up all that money fer im neither.

Anonymous said...

it was funny that every england player had a go! even the commentaters were going on about how he was being picked on x


And much to me amazement Ol' Robster was a bloody good player n all. He went up in me estimation. (Well he couldn't 've gone down). Good game to watch it was.

* (asterisk) said...

Didn't see Soccer Aid. Liked the story of gone/been, though, and the seamless segue into Bean. Inspired!

Soupdragon said...

Ayyy thank yow!
Will have to give them students higher grades this week as a ta very much fer keeping me smiling, LOL

granny w said...

Don't give them higher grades! Put them in a cupboard with nothing more than bread and water. Little oicks! You should stop smiling as well young dragon - it makes you look glaickit! ;-) xxxx

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