Monday, 19 June 2006

Fab new choons

As I posted on me LiveJournal thing just this lunchtime, I'm gettin' right fucked off wi me reeeeeeeeeaally boring life. So I took a piece of advice and did summat about it. Well, made a start, anyway. I got meself some new music. Milburn, Dirty Pretty Things, The Kooks, Robbie Williams, The Zutons and, thanks to Four Dinners, some Sandi Thom stuff too [aye thank yow]. Have to say, it's brightened up me iPod Shuffle no end. It's also done summat to alleviate the fuckin' bum-numbingly boring MTR journey into work. 25 mins of staring at inside o 't train carriage every mornin' an' evenin', and learnin' I have to wait another week fer me next Bernard Cornwell novel ("Sharpe's Rifles") do not help my slip-sliding into 't another bout of manic depression. Brought on by 't usual: best mates havin' a love-life while I get to beat freaks of wi sticks and continue to spit bitterness at anyone who offers the ubiquitous "your time will come, you'll find someone…"

If one more well-meaning cunt tells me that, I'll fuckin' brain 'em and shove their body through 't gap that we're suppose to mind getting ont train. It didn't cut it ten years ago, and sure ent doin' owt now.

But anyway, the music:

Milburn are kinda growin' on me, have to say. At the moment I'm made-up wi "Send In The Boys" an' "Let Me Go" ~ surely me favourite choon o' theirs so far. Also found some new Arctic Monkeys shite too, including "Despair in the Departure Lounge", which is over the hills an' far away the best I've heard in ages. From anyone. "No Buses" is just fuckin' excellent ~ the lyrics are pure genius, that familiar voice and the George Formby-esque background riff. It's just all fuckin' fab, simple, direct and bloody marvellous.

Not sounding so depressed now, eh. Pity there's not new Arctic Monkeys' stuff every day of 't week. Or just loadsa Ewan pictures, praps.

YouTube. Yeah, been there an' all this weekend, cheerin' meself up watchin' shite like THIS, which had me in stitches, I'm ashamed to say. If you type in "Dead Ringers" you'll get all the other ones they've done, including the hilarious James Blunt parody "It's Bloody Cold" ("… and Morrissey keeps telling me 'James Blunt' is rhyming slang…"), and of course, the "House" stories they've done. Class.

Best go, eh. Quit while yer ahead, an' all that. Me DVD player still ent workin' so I can't watch any o' me favourite shows, so praps I'd best just go to bed and sleep it all off. Never know, might work.

Peach and lube.
Or soopytwist. Yeah, that still makes me laff after all these years. Just makes me think o' them tinkling and ~ what do you call it when people make accurate trumpet noises through their mouths? Wi'owt a real trumpet? Whatever, that noise. Fry an' Laurie are comic gods.

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Jax got me a cd for Daddy's day. Been singin' "Swords of a Thousand Men" ever since at the top of me voice. Tenpole rocks!

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