Friday, 23 June 2006

You mardy bum!

Yeah, I'm bein' a right mardy-arse today. Feel like stamping on everyone's feet ont MTR and pushing through all them fuckers that lurch across your path while walking at half everyone else's speed, before simply stoppin fer NO REASON right in front of you. Guess I'm just a mardy bum.

Speakin' o which, would love to explain to this nice girlie over HERE that "mardy" means grumpy / upset / moody / pissed off, but can't find a way to leave her a comment. Hope she finds this link and reads this, eh. If anyone knows a way to link it back, gizza shout, eh.

And, yes, sad but true, have been sucked inta doin' them video things and uploading em to YouTube. This is my pathetic effort:

Sad but oddly amusing.

Saying goodbye to Vic and Bob int going to help me mood either ~ two students I've taught fert last two years now. (Just to clarify: o course their real names are NOT Vic and Bob, they just act like 'em and to be honest, it's more fun.) Thursdays just won't be Thursdays wi'owt those two... No more "spnoons" and "jlelly"s...

On a brighter note, it'll be July soon, an I can buy meself that shiny new DVD recorder I've been promisin' meself fer... ooooh, a week now. And Sean Bean's new film, "The Dark" (about eeee-vil Welsh sheep) opened here in HK yesterday, so we've decided to go Thursday night. Sean Bean all dripping wet, angry n desperate? The burning green eyes, the bedraggled blond hair... It's licensed "Sean Porn", I tell you. I'm taking a towel. And it ent fer me head.

Soopytwist. Oh, and peach and lube.
Lots and lots of lube.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~



Excellent pics n music Soupy. Loved it. Allright I'm easily pleased but I loved it anyroad....

Soupdragon said...

Awwww, ta very much. Now that's out a me system, shouldn't be doing any more in a hurry, LOL


granny w said...

minky moomin! pull those stroppy knickers up tight and bask in your mardyness ;) by-the-by i keep telling you... ALL sheep are evil - that's why we eat them when they're still babies! xxx

Soupdragon said...

You need to tell me when yer answering yer house phone, Granny Weatherwax ~ we need to talk. In a GOOD way, LOL

* (asterisk) said...

How much Sean does one girl need?! Or is that a silly question?

Soupdragon said...

It's not "how much does she need?" but "how much have yer got?"


I promise I'll bang on 'bout summat else fer a few days... Like... er... me review of "The Dark"?
No, best not, eh. Pants, pants, pants film. Save fer Sean, o course. Ak! Did it again!

Ok, will stick to students and me brand spankin new DVD recorder... [mmmm, spankin... STOP IT!]


* (asterisk) said...

I'm just messing wit'cha. What did you think of Flight Plan? Even I thought the Beanster was underused, so keen was I for something, anything, that might pique my interest.

Soupdragon said...

Felt it were better than I were previously led to believe... And yeah, he were CRIMINALLY underused, yer not wrong there pal.
Though I don't feel one way or t'other fer Jodie Foster, she did alright fer herself and 't film kept me guessing long enough, which is rare fer me these days.

If I could be arsed, I'd do a review fer that one too. Could sum it up in one word though:


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